Athletes all around the world are finding new and inventive ways to stay active during the pandemic. Social distancing is extremely important at this time which means no gyms, facilities, etc. places to workout where people congregate. This means we are forced to find new ways to stay active on our own at home, or outside while keeping social distancing in mind. In interviews with college soccer and volleyball coaches from top Universities around the U.S., they have given us tips on how athletes, especially high school athletes can stay active so when the time comes to get back on the field or court, they're physically prepared and ready to play at a high level. 

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Pat Barry is the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Knox College. Knox College is a NCAA DIII institution located in Galesburg, IL.  They are a member of the Midwest Conference with other teams such as Illinois College, Beloit College and Lawrence University. 

Pat and I talk about some simple ways to stay fresh in the game by getting touches on the ball at home. Utilizing your space, whether it be the side of your house, your living room or yard, keeping active and maintaining that physical touch with the volleyball will allow you to stay in it.

Andrew Brown is the head volleyball coach at New York University. NYU is an NCAA DIII program located in downtown Manhattan in New York. NYU is a part of the University Athletic Association or UAA conference along with other schools like the University of Chicago, Case Western and Carnegie Mellon. 

Knowing that all athletes are having to stay at home and give up most, if not all, of their club season, Andrew offers some great tips on staying both physically active while being stuck at home during this epidemic. He mentions how you can use technology to stay in shape but also share what you are doing with coaches/friends to keep communication open. He also gives some solid advice on how to overcome adversity during this time. He talks about creating a schedule and sticking with it to come out of the break stronger. 

Miles Maynard is the Assistant Women’s Soccer coach with Clemson University. Clemson University is a NCAA DI institution located in Clemson, South Carolina. The Women’s Soccer program is a member of the ACC or Atlantic Coast Conference along with other schools such as Duke, Wake Forest, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and University of Virginia.

Here I chat with Coach Maynard about creative ways to use the space you have and the items around your house to stay physically active and even keep up with your soccer skill set. Coach Maynard shares some cool tips that you can take with you anywhere.

Jeff Freeman is the Associate Head Women’s Soccer Coach with the University of Illinois.  U of I or Illinois as it is commonly called is a NCAA Division I institution located in Champaign, IL which is about 1 hour south of Chicago, IL. Illinois is a member of the Big 10 Conference along with other schools such as University of Wisconsin, Rutgers University, University of Michigan and University of Iowa.

Coach Freeman and I talk about how to get athletes moving while they are at home.  He shares some great tips that their strength coach at Illinois suggests as well as simply making a routine. He also talks about some free apps to get you moving!

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