Nothing beats those top moments where all of your hard work and dedication pays off. It makes the passion and love for the game, that much more worth it. See what our coaches top moments are in their career, as you won't want to miss it!


Andy Fleming: Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Xavier University.

Rosanna Sguerra: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Denison University. 

Demetria Keys-Johnson: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Grambling State University.

Richie Gomes: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Providence College.

Calaeb Campbell: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Ursuline College. 

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Andy Fleming

Andy tells us a story about his team at Xavier winning the conference championship during his first couple years coaching there. He talks about the growth within his players and how they went from a losing record to winning the conference championship in one season.

Rosanna Sguerra

Rosanna’s top moment was a coaching moment from her first year at Denison when they beat their rivals, Kenyan, in a heart wrenching five set game on alumni weekend. Rosanna says she will never forget being apart of that moment. Rosanna throws another story in and talks about another game they played this year against Ohio Wesleyan and won in five sets.

Demetria Keys-Johnson

Demetria’s top moment is from a volleyball camp. An athlete came in who was shy and intimidated by the other players however, a group of coaches came together to support this player. Demetria and the other coaches also encouraged the other athletes to support her as well which helped the shy player break out of her shell. She also talks about another player who played for her who was not necessarily the best skilled player, but had an incredible upbeat spirit that was unique from her other players. 

Richie Gomes

Richie tells us a story of a time he was watching an athlete having trouble getting her footwork down correctly. He helped her make progress and she eventually became very successful once she landed the footwork. Richie tells us that this moment was important to him because you could see how happy she was when she got it down. 

Calaeb Campbell

Calaeb’s second year of coaching club he went to a qualifier with 8 girls on his roster. During the game, two of his players went down and he ended up only having 6 players - his libero had to play outside. His team ended up winning in the third set, and making it to the semi final match in the tournament. 

It is always inspiring to hear other coaches top moments within their career. It gives us all some motivation during these trying times, but just keep going to continue reaching these moments!

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