The Soccer Player Who Leads The Team In A Match

Athlete Leadership In Sports

Whether you're the captain of your club soccer team or the lead scorer in your high school volleyball division, leadership plays a monumental role as an athlete. Being a leader in sports is a not just about which athlete has the best stats or top plays during an important game. Leadership is an ideal that an athlete must live into on a daily basis and not just in the game, but in life. 

This "bigger than the game" ideal is a self-defining act that you must demonstrate on a daily basis as an athlete who is looking to become a leader. Leadership skills can be taught, practiced, and perfected over time with many opportunities for an athlete to demonstrate their level of leadership on the field, the court, the ice, or in life. 

The question is, do you have the discipline and the inherit passion to be a leader as an athlete? 

How To Become A Transformative Leader

As outlined in an EXACT eTraining course by Bard College Men's Soccer Coach and Leadership Trainer, TJ Kostecky, transformative leadership can be broken down into the 5 Ps. 

The 5 P's Of Transformative Leadership

1. Perceive

2. Process

3. Plan

4. Perform

5. Persist

Perhaps the most important of the these 5p's is Perception. The wider, the brighter, the deeper your perception is, you ability to gather a lot of information process it; plan, perform, and persist. 

A Basketball Player Taking The Lead In the Game As An Athletic Leader

Best Examples Of Being A Leader As An Athlete

Strong leaders are those who are willing to put everything on the line for their team and/or teammates. They care deeply about their team while also embodying a winner's mindset. Leaders do not dwell on their mistake but rather learn from them to better their future outcomes in the game and in life. Here are some key examples of athletes demonstrating leadership skills:

 1. Leaders reach out to their teammate(s) when they notice they are in need whether it be to talk through something or just be there for them in time of need. 

2. Leaders make an impact outside of the game and within the community. They make an impact in the lives of those less fortunate. 

3. Leaders admit when they are in the wrong and when facing great challenges in life they rise to the occasion whether it turns out to be a success or failure. 

4. Strong Leaders find ways to focus on the positive in life and adopt a great sense of happiness when they practice gratitude on a daily basis. 

A Volleyball Player Steps Up As A Leader  In A Women's Volleyball State Match

Building Confidence As A Leader

Leaders tend to be naturally confident but many who come to lead are not initially drawn to it. In fact, those who are not set out for leadership and find themselves in a leadership role, tend to be strong leaders. This makes one wonder, can confidence be a skill that is taught? Well that depends on ones perception of their own reality. 

If you build positivity within your daily life, you'll become a more confident leader. If you face yourself straight on and understand who you are, the relationships you've created, and where you envision your future, then you will become a transformative leader filled with confidence. 

Leadership Skills Desired By College Coaches

If you're an athlete and you've taken your career to the next level as an aspiring college player, then you've likely attended a college ID camp, college showcase camp, or showcase event. This is where you've had the opportunity to meet with a nationwide network of college coaches from D1, D2, and D3 NCAA and NAIA colleges. 

One of the many skill sets that college coaches look for in promising college recruits is leadership. These college coaches need leaders on their team, helping to be the example of the teams culture while added value to the program. Athletes who demonstrate strong leadership skills are highly likely to be favored by college coaches during the college recruiting process. 

Men's Baseball Player As A Leader At Bat

EXACT Sports eTraining

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Courses are broken down into two key components:

  1. Courses begin with an instructive lesson video for each chapter. These videos are meant to provide athletes with a starting point for what the lesson is about.
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There is a suggested workflow in the course class guide, but athletes can move through the lessons at their own pace.

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