This spring, EXACT Sports will launch Mental Achievement Program (MAP) with the US Soccer Federation Development Academy.   The partnership brings the MAP to over 4,000 elite level club soccer players across the country.   The program will give Development Academy Club’s the ability to monitor and train character in a focused program built towards success at the highest level.

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The MAP is a short behavioral survey that provides coaches with feedback on player’s intangibles, such as leadership ability, self-confidence, training attitudes, and achievement motivation.  The program is used by over 100 NCAA teams, the National Hockey League, teams in professional baseball, and elite level youth programs.

In an effort to create a more comprehensive understanding of who is succeeding in soccer and why, the Academy will now be able to track player’s mental development along with other key metrics.

“The MAP allows coaches to improve their communication process and approach with players, raising the athlete’s self awareness,” said Director Simon Clements “The traits the MAP captures are essential to maximizing development”.

Dr. Ralph Tarter, EXACT's Scientific Advisory Board Chairman was integrally involved in the development of the MAP..

“Our team has spent over 10 years developing a tool focused on providing consistent objective feedback on athletes character to coaches” said Dr. Tarter, “EXACT has worked with many of the world’s best athletes, creating standards and benchmarks for character that will allow coaches and athletes to better understand where they stand relative to their competition”.

The MAP’s online system will provide a detailed mental profile of each Development Academy athlete and team to the coaching staff.  The profile includes coaching tips, graphical representation, the ability to compare athletes, and a strategy to apply the information to the team and player in training.