We all have our own routines/pregame rituals, but some just may seem more weird than others. What is the weirdest one you have seen? We asked our coaches to share some weird pregame rituals they have seen, enjoy!


Brendan Bourdage: Associate Men's Soccer Head Coach at William & Mary Men's Soccer.

Jason Posser: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Queens College. 

Bianca Keil: Head Women's Soccer Coach at University of Minnesota-Morris.

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Brendan Bourdage

Coach Brendan says the strangest superstition he has witnessed was from a goalkeeper. The athlete would not place a water bottle or towel in the goal, as he believed it was a target for the opposing forwards to shoot at.

Jason Posser

Coach Posser’s craziest pregame ritual that he has ever seen was the way an athlete put on his basketball shoes. He had a specific way he put on his socks and how he laced up his basketball shoes. 

Bianca Keil

If a game went poorly, Coach Keil would never wear the same outfit twice. Another interesting superstition she has witnessed, is her players making a boomerang before each game as a superstition for good luck. 

We all have our certain pregame rituals, whether some are more weird than others, we all believe we have to do them in order to win!

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