Coach Schevers is the Girls National League Program Director at Lonestar SC in Austin, TX. His playing career consists of a stint of trials in Europe as well as playing collegiately at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX. He shares with us his tips on staying in shape, finding a new club, playing time, and more. 


Wes Schevers: Girls National League Program Director at Lonestar SC in Austin, TX.

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Topic 1: Finding A New Club

Coach Schevers provides valuable insight on finding a new club. He encourages parents to weigh a few different options when considering finding a new club. He suggests that parents of younger players look at factors such as the area of the city or town that you live in, especially if you’re moving to a new place. From there, he suggests you contact the club and the child will be evaluated.

For an older player, he suggests that parents and players contact clubs that play at the level that you are used to playing with, whether the be DA or ECNL (on the high side). As they move to a new place, all they have to do is search the league you previously played in, search by region that you’re moving to, and locate the different clubs that play in those leagues. 

Topic 2: Journey Into Coaching

Coach Schevers coaching career began when he was a graduate assistant at his alma mater at West Texas A&M. After his stint there, he transitioned to the club scene and now into his role at Lonestar SC. 

Topic 3: Playing Time (Academy sub vs. Non-Academy starter)

Coach Schevers offers his perspective on team placement, amount of playing time, and how those factors play a role in player development and college program placement. He is a firm believer that without consistent and high-amounts of playing time minutes, players will not have the opportunity to develop. He even shares a personal story of a player he chose to place on a “lower” team so that she could develop more quickly in order to move back up to her original team. 

Topic 4: Staying in Shape

Coach Schevers provides insight to the unique and innovative way that Lonestar SC is assisting their athletes in continuing their player development from tactical to technical to so many more. They made their entire plan based on the assumption that a child cannot leave their home, does not have access to a goal, and only has one soccer ball. From a physical standpoint, his club built a plyometric conditioning program that all the coaches are doing along with the athletes.

Perhaps, the most fascinating component of what Lonestar SC is doing is their psychological approach to continuing player development. They’re having their athletes analyze matches and players and notice professional athletes' responses to certain circumstances and break them down. 

Topic 5: Coolest Atmosphere

Coach Schevers most memorable playing atmosphere took place while playing overseas in England. He talks about how fans found out he was an American player and he was heckled the entire game for that reason.

As a coach, Coach Schevers discusses Lonestar’s U17 DA Girls team and how they made it to the DA National Championship and how great of an experience that was. Fun face: Coach Sophia Mundy (also of Lonestar SC) shared the same story as her favorite coaching experience!

Additionally, Coach Schievers claims he prefers the heat over the cold and that he wears a stadium jacket in any temps over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Topic 6: Favorite Player of All-Time

Coach Schevers tells us that Zidane is his most favorite player of all-time because he believes he’s one of the most well-rounded footballers the sport has seen.

Coach Schevers tips and tricks will help athletes with a magnitude of things, such as staying in shape, finding a new club, along with playing time!

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