Every week I receive e-mails from parents and players asking questions about our camps.  For example, what is it that you do, what is different about your camps?  So I thought why not use my first blog entry as an arena to answer some of those questions and give some more background on EXACT Sports.

What is it that you do?

At EXACT we work to provide the best development tools to help the athlete improve in every aspect of there game. We are a science based organization, with years of research that has helped us to develop behavioral assessments, and sports psychology tools to improve both their physical skill as well as their mental game which we see as being essential to playing at the next level whether it be college or professional.  For example, we designed the behavioral and mental evaluations used by the National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Lacrosse (MLL), and Major League Soccer (MLS) teams. Our tools are used by leading sports organizations in North America–top college baseball programs, soccer, hockey, and more. Our tools span age, gender, and sport to help anyone that is looking to get better.

What is different about your camps?

We are trying to create a camp environment where athletes can have fun, and gain valuable development work at the same time.  We select coaches from top NCAA athletic programs in soccer, baseball, and hockey, to come and instruct the attending players on the field.  Because of the small size of our camp we can create an environment where every player receives close individual attention from the instructing coaches.  Along with the skill instruction, we hold classroom sessions during the camp concentrating on mental training topics.  In the end our goal is to create a tool for players, parents, and coaches to utilize to help make the athlete better!

Enrolling in an EXACT National Player Development Camp is the best way for you to jump start your development for college and beyond!