Several athletes assume that coaches are solely focused on the talent of an individual when recruiting players, this is not true. While it is easy to get caught up in the sheer technical talent and abilities of athletes, college coaches are looking for more than just what quickly seen in competition. 

On any given day one can see something amazing accomplished when it comes to recruitment, there's no doubt about that, but to say this is all that matters, is well, incorrect. Talent is a minor attribute in the wide array of characteristics personnel and coaches look for when recruiting an individual. 

I have provided below a list of ten attributes that are said to be some of the characteristics. 

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Athletes that can represent their team in admire able way, along with the university and the coaches themselves. Also a  prospect that  is a well-rounded individual, someone who is involved and well known throughout their different communities. Upstanding persons that are well composed, in all situations.


It is obvious that this would be one of the attributes on the list. Even though it is not the only factor in determining if an athlete is going to be recruited,  it is said to be one that coaches look at, they want to bring those people who are going to help lead the team to championships and be national contestants. They want athletes that are exceptionally talented now or have the potential to be exceptionally talented with a little more practice and determination.

Academic Achievements

Athletes that excel academically are important so coaches won’t have to keep checking up on them and their studies. Also someone who performs well in the classroom and is genuinely concerned about their grades. A student who will help boost the team GPA and the team study ethic, with the initiative that what one person does will ignite the flame in another. You must balance your academics and athletics in order to be recruit ready.

Work Ethic

Athletes that don’t get defeated easily and will keep working had no matter what and who don’t give up after one little bump in the road. Someone who is going to push through and persevere no matter what the situations or outcomes.

Physical Attributes

This attribute varies depending on the sport, but sports that analyze size for specific positions might use this in there process of selection. If there is a size requirement for positions coaches may tend to look for athletes that fit the size for the positions or people that have the capability of meeting the size requirement with little adjustment.


When strengths are spoken of in this context, it is meant to be the dominate features that make up your self. Someone who knows who they are and has specific talents and abilities that are exceptionally dominate. Exhibiting strengths all around can be a plus for some coaches; Along with if you aren't afraid to talk about your strengths, “tooting your own horn”, shows the pride you have in yourself. Possessing many strengths can be helpful in the ways of recruiting.


 Looking for people that are reliable and who are going to do what they are supposed to. Someone how is going to show up on time, everyday, where they need to be. Being punctual is essential in all aspects of life and for some coaches it can be very vital.

Coach Ability

This attribute is quite obvious; it is inferred that coaches tend to want someone who wants to be coached. They don’t want someone who questions what they do and insists on doing something else. A coach has a program in which they have developed an elite team; they want someone willing to fit into that mix. This is why looking at different universities and the athletic department is vital to your selection process.


The ability to stand up and lead teammates in achieving success. Not everyone has to be the captain or try to be that main leader on the team; the meaning of leadership is that you have those skills to get your team involved, motivated, uplifted, and focused. Having leadership abilities is a great skill to possess and some college coaches look for it as a key in the selection process.


 A coach knowing that you are interested in their program and university is said to be substantial to them when selecting prospects. This is good reason why you should contact the coaching staff at the schools you are interested in.


It is not guaranteed that these will be the only things a coach will look at or something that they will a hundred percent consider because each coach approaches recruiting differently.  Along with what they look for in an athlete varies depending for one to another. This list is just a basic guideline of what a coach may consider when recruiting players. Doing these things or capturing these attributes should only enhance your opportunities of a coach recruiting you.