Every athlete and coach's typical day during the in-season varies from team to team. Volleyball has the same foundations for each practice and game, yet we all practice differently. We asked two college volleyball coaches to share with us what their 'typical' day looks like, when they practice, and more. Enjoy!


Jordan Willis: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Otero Junior College.  

Joe Herrera: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Point University. 

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Jordan Willis

Jordan says they like to keep the afternoons open to practices, because most of their players have class from 8-12pm. He says practice usually starts at 1, sometimes 3 if the girls have classes that go later. He also says he likes to do a few weight sessions throughout the week. They have a full time trainer, which Jordan is very grateful for because he keeps his players healthy and well. They are also lucky enough to have a personal strength coach that helps coordinate programs for his players.

Joe Herrera

Joe says his 'typical day' depends on what part of the season they are in. In the preseason before school starts, his athletes are working out three times a week, and then practice three times a day. Once school starts, his athletes continue to work-out three times a week, and practice twice a day. He also provides individual sessions for his athletes each week to help improve an athlete's needs they are struggling with.

Every college's practice vary from one to the next, but it's all about the individual's growth as an athlete that matters. Another reason it is so important to do your research when finding the right college fit for you, because what might work for one athlete, may not for another. 

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