What is EXACT 11?

In the world of youth soccer, where talent and passion collide, the EXACT 11 international program by EXACT Sports stands out as a beacon of opportunity and excellence. It's more than just a program; it's a transformative journey for high school athletes aspiring to reach new heights in their soccer careers. But what exactly is EXACT 11, and why is it capturing the attention of young athletes and their parents nationwide?

EXACT 11 Has Elite Talent

EXACT 11 is a prestigious selection of the top soccer players from high school ID and showcase camps hosted by EXACT Sports across the United States. Chosen by NCAA and NAIA college coaches for their exceptional skills, dedication, and potential, these athletes represent the best high school aged players in the nation. EXACT 11 is not just a team; it's a symbol of excellence, an acknowledgment of hard work, and a testament to the athletes' commitment to the beautiful game.

Holistic Athlete Development

What sets the EXACT 11 international program by EXACT Sports apart is its holistic approach to athlete development. It's not solely about perfecting dribbles or scoring goals; it's about nurturing well-rounded individuals through advanced pro-level training and mental performance training. The program provides invaluable experiences that go beyond the field: international travel, exposure to different cultures, and opportunities to forge lasting friendships. For many athletes, EXACT 11 is a gateway to understanding the broader world through the lens of soccer.

Advanced Pro-Level Training

At the heart of EXACT 11 is the unparalleled training experience. Athletes receive guidance from top-tier coaches, engage in high-level training sessions, and compete against equally talented peers. This environment fosters growth, challenges players to push their limits, and prepares them for competitive soccer at collegiate, national, and even international levels.

EXACT 11 Training Methodology

The training methodology in EXACT 11 is designed to align with professional standards. This includes technical skill development, tactical awareness, physical conditioning, and sports psychology. The goal is to prepare athletes for the rigors and demands of high-level soccer, equipping them with the skills and mindset required for success.

A Launchpad for Soccer Career Success

For high school athletes, EXACT 11 is more than a program; it's a milestone. Being part of this elite group signifies that they are on the right path in their athletic journey. It opens doors to college scholarships, professional scouts, and more. The exposure and experience gained through EXACT 11 are invaluable for any young athlete looking to make a mark in the world of soccer.

College Recruiting and Scholarships

A key benefit of EXACT 11 is the enhanced visibility it provides in the college recruiting landscape. Athletes gain exposure to a vast network of college coaches from NCAA and NAIA institutions. This exposure is critical for securing college scholarships and advancing to higher levels of soccer.

A Community of Passionate Soccer Athletes

Perhaps the most striking aspect of EXACT 11 is the sense of community it fosters. Athletes from diverse backgrounds and locations come together, united by their love for soccer. They learn from each other, share experiences, and grow together both on and off the field. This camaraderie is a cornerstone of the EXACT 11 experience, creating memories that last a lifetime.

How To Qualify For The EXACT 11

Becoming a part of EXACT 11, a pinnacle of youth soccer excellence, is a journey that begins with talent, dedication, and the right opportunity. For high school athletes dreaming of joining this elite group, the path is clear but challenging. Here's how aspiring soccer stars can qualify for EXACT 11.

Step 1: Attend EXACT's ID and Showcase Camps

The journey starts with participation in EXACT Sports' prestigious showcase camps. These camps are not just regular training sessions; they are high-profile events where young athletes get to demonstrate their skills and potential in front of a discerning audience. The camps are attended by college coaches from across the nation, making them the perfect platform for players to get noticed.

Step 2: Stand Out As An Advanced Soccer Player and Get on the Watch List

During these camps, college coaches are on the lookout for players who exhibit exceptional talent, a strong work ethic, and the potential to thrive at higher levels of the game. Athletes who catch the eye of these coaches can be placed on EXACT's Watch List. This list is a compilation of top talents identified by college coaches as having the qualities needed to succeed in competitive soccer.

Step 3: Get Ranked By NCAA and NAIA College Coaches

The final and most crucial step is the nomination for EXACT 11. From the pool of talented athletes on the Watch List, the top recipients are nominated for EXACT 11. This nomination is a testament to a player's skill, dedication, and potential, as seen through the eyes of seasoned college coaches. It's an acknowledgment that the player is among the elite, ready to take their game to an international stage and compete with the best of the best.

Criteria For Making The EXACT 11

Qualifying for EXACT 11 is about more than just being a good soccer player. It's about showcasing a blend of technical skill, tactical understanding, physical fitness, and mental toughness. Coaches look for players who not only excel on the field but also demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and a continuous desire to learn and improve. It's these qualities that set apart EXACT 11 athletes.

The EXACT 11 International Travel Itinerary

One of the most exhilarating components of the EXACT 11 program is the international trip, where players have the opportunity to compete and train in some of the most renowned soccer destinations in the world. Whether it's the historic pitches of England, the passionate arenas of Spain, or another European soccer heartland, the experience is transformative.

EXACT 11 In Europe

Europe is the cradle of professional soccer, with a history and culture deeply intertwined with the sport. This tour is a perfect opportunity for EXACT 11 athletes to immerse themselves in an environment where soccer is not just a game, but a way of life. Here, they can absorb the rich soccer history, train under the guidance of top European coaches, and face off against prestigious academy teams.

Pro-Level Training With International Academies

Throughout the trip, players engage in competitive matches against European opponents, offering a real test of their skills and a chance to adapt to different styles of play. Training sessions with European academy coaches provide unique insights and techniques, enriching the players' understanding of the game.

But it's not all about soccer. The trip is also a cultural journey, allowing players and their families to explore iconic landmarks, visit famous stadiums, and experience the vibrant life of European cities. From guided tours of London and Manchester to live matches in Premier League or Championship stadiums, the experience is as educational as it is thrilling.

EXACT 11 Trip Highlights Include:

  • 7 nights of accommodation, with breakfast and dinner included each day.
  • Private ground transportation for the team, including airport pickups and drop-offs.
  • Competitive matches against top-tier European academy teams.
  • Professional training sessions with renowned clubs, offering a glimpse into the life of a European soccer player.
  • Stadium tours of legendary arenas, immersing players in the history of the sport.
  • Tickets to live matches, providing an up-close look at professional soccer at its finest.
  • A premium Nike team kit, symbolizing their part in the EXACT 11 team.
  • Visits to national soccer museums and other major attractions, deepening their appreciation for the sport's history and culture.
  • Training in mental preparation with European national team staff, enhancing their psychological approach to the game.
  • Comprehensive tour management, ensuring a safe, educational, and memorable experience.


The international trip with EXACT 11 is more than just a soccer tour; it's a pivotal life experience. It offers young athletes a unique blend of competitive play, high-level training, and cultural immersion. For those who dream of soccer greatness, it's an invaluable step in their journey, providing memories and lessons that will shape their careers and lives long after the final whistle blows.