Division 1 of the NCAA is the highest level division of intercollegiate athletics in all of college sports. It hosts some of the most prestigious athletic institutions in the U.S. and has been regarded as the most difficult division to be recruited for. We have interviewed top volleyball and soccer college coaches from around the nation on their insights into what makes Division 1 so unique and separates it from the rest of the divisions. We put a small snippet of their response as well as a video of their interview below. 


Zach Weinberg: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Tennessee Technological University aka Tennessee Tech.

Rob Chilcoat: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at the University of Southern Alabama.

Kerry Edwards:  Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of North Alabama.

Brandon Denoyer: Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with the University of Richmond.

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Zach Weinberg: Scholarships are obviously a big thing. Being fully funded or partially funded will make a difference there but this is different from other divisions.  We also are allowed to have a full spring season to be on the court and improve. **Video Below

Rob Chilcoat: During this clip, Rob talks about what makes DI unique both from a player and coaching perspective. **Video Below

Kerry Edwards: Having played and coached at the DII level as well, Coach Edwards talks about some things that make DI unique and it boils down to the thoughts that there are no “easy teams” because the competition level is strong. **Video Below

Brandon Denoyer: Having coached a couple different levels, Brandon shares his unique perspective on what makes college athletics unique and discusses different divisions. **Video Below

As we can see from the coaches, the Division 1 level of the NCAA has its perks. Division 1 is extremely difficult to get recruited for, but that is why it is known as the most competitive Division of the NCAA. Division 1athletics isn't for everyone, and that's okay! That is why there is Division 2, 3, and also the NAIA which is Junior College so that athletes can find their best fit not only on the court/field, but in the classroom as well. 

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