What is your absolute favorite meal before a big game? Do you switch it up, or have the same meal every time? We asked two of our soccer coaches what their 'go-to' meal is before a game. Enjoy!


Jay Martin: Men’s Head Soccer Coach at Ohio Wesleyan University. 

Nick Noble: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at West Virginia University. 

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Jay Martin 

Jay says he does not currently have a favorite or go-to pregame meal. He thinks earlier in his career he probably did, but he does not anymore. Jay talks about what his team at Ohio Wesleyan eats before a game. 

Nick Noble

Nick says that his go-to is to always eat a big breakfast and then snack throughout the day. Nick also talks about what his players like to, and don't like to, eat before their games. 

We all have the go-to meal before a game that is our favorite!

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