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Indy Boys Half-Day Exposure Clinic

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DC Boys ID Camp
Dec 10 2017

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Boston Boys ID Camp
Nov 10 2017

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Philly Boys ID Camp
Nov 26 2017

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New Jersey Boys ID Camp
Nov 10 2017

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New Jersey Boys ID Camp
Feb 18 2018

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Carolina Boys ID Camp
Nov 11 2017

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  • Mar 19 [ 8am-12pm ]
  • Junior & Senior Exposure
    (11-12th Grade)
  • Freshman & Sophomore Prep
    (9-10th grade)
  • 8th Grade Guidance
Zionsville High School
1000 Mulberry St, Zionsville, IN 46077, USA Google Map View
Standard Tuition175
Early Bird Price 99
(or 2 monthly installment of 54.45)

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100% of Your Tuition Can be Applied to Any Jun 27, 2017 to Aug 03, 2017 Program
Mental Workout
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The #GoMental Movement

By starting the #GoMental movement, EXACT has enabled thousands of current collegiate, professional, and aspiring high school athletes to reach their performance goals. We hope you'll join us so that you can reach your own desired destination.

College Development Advising
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Goalkeeper Training
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 Individualized Instruction

Designated Time Slot(s):
Mar 19 [ 8am-12pm ]
Review by Jacob  Nelson

Jacob  Nelson


EXACT Sports Camp is a key component to being recruited as an athlete. The camp provides you with an opportunity to meet, interact, and train with college coaches from different schools around the nation from different levels. EXACT Sports provides you with insights into improving your chance of being seen and recruited by college coaches. It was one of the best decisions I made in my recruiting process.

Review by Parker  McDonald

Parker  McDonald


I had an amazing experience at EXACT Camp. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk face-to-face with so many coaches from around the country. I also enjoyed the opportunity to train with new coaches. I am looking forward to visiting coaches that I met at their schools and getting to take a closer look at their programs. It was also cool to meet so many fellow athletes from other places and make new friends. Thank you so much for everything!! Thank you!!!

Review by Ethan  Ciocon

Ethan  Ciocon


As one of the younger kids in the camp, I felt nervous when I entered the camp. I was nervous at first, but as the day went by I became very confident thanks to the great hospitality of the coaches and staff. They were also very helpful and told me what I needed to improve on in a clear and honest way. I would recommend this camp to any soccer players who want to play at the college level.

Again, EXACT camp was a great experience for me as a player and I would definitely recommend this to other players.

Review by Chris  Wraback

Chris  Wraback


Through this one day camp, EXACT Soccer has made me realize that my dream is so possible to reach. It’s the only camp I’ve been to, but I was able to meet so many new people who share the same passion as me. I also learned how to elevate my recruiting game to reach my goal much easier.

Review by Sean   O'Callaghan

Sean  O'Callaghan


This is the first ID Camp that I have attended and it was a positive experience in every way. The camp was very well organized leading up to the camp with very informative emails and preparation work for the camp. On the day of the camp, registration was well organized and the EXACT team was there to help for every step of the way. Chris was an excellent leader and motivated me from the very beginning. It was amazing to be exposed to real college coaches and to be coached both on and off the field. Getting feedback on the day was very rewarding. I am looking forward to attending EXACT Soccer Academic 50 ID Camp in June/July.

Review by Brenden   Bryan

Brenden  Bryan


This was a wonderful opportunity to meet coaches and other players in a completely different format. There is a chance to show individual skills that may not be seen in a regular soccer tournament environment. The interaction with coaches is outstanding and I really feel that I was able to get exposure from EXACT that I would not have anywhere else. Thanks for a great session and options to see so many coaches. I can’t wait to see where this opportunity leads me!

Review by Benjamin  Sumners

Benjamin  Sumners


I was surprised to see so many coaches, and having them available to talk to. I wish I would have known about EXACT Sports Elite Camp my junior year. I left feeling like I had personal attention from coaches, and got a better grip on how to navigate the college sports recruitment process.

Great experience meeting coaches, and having the discussion panel with coaches and parents. The games were fun and challenging, which I really enjoyed. Thanks EXACT!

Review by Isaac  Walker

Isaac  Walker


The best part about the Exact ID camp was the ability to have one-on-one conversation with 30+ college soccer coaches from all over the United States. These coaches were not only from different part of the country, but also coaches at different levels. They say a big part of getting recruited is building relationships with the coaches, and I believe this was a great way to get started! This camp gave us, athletes, the opportunity to learn the basics of college recruiting, the qualities the coaches looking for in a player, and overall get great tips from them.

Review by Michael   Battisti

Michael  Battisti


I loved the style of training and playing at the camp. They were open to changes with certain age restrictions and skill differences (as I am one of the younger athletes). Also, I loved how we were able to meet each coach privately, as well as during training. Lastly, the elevator pitch practice was unique and beneficial as it prepares me for the future.

Review by Justin  Gross

Justin  Gross


I went to the first ID Camp in Philly. We were so encouraged that we attended this one in DC. I have always dreamed about 1) going to college and 2) playing soccer in college. I got to meet a lot of great coaches and athletes. I learned something new at each camp. I wish there were more camps close to me so we could attend more. I am a senior and need all the help I can get in hopes to find the right college. I loved how the coaches were there to help us and give us directions on the spot. My mentor Coach was Mike Eckberg. Towson is on my “dream” list – and we are now going to schedule a visit as he suggested. I am so excited and I know I still have a long road ahead, but every journey has a beginning. Even though I am getting started a little late, I feel like EXACT really has helped me come flying out of the gate!


How can I apply my 100% free credit towards a future event?

For the Spring camp season, EXACT Sports is offering athletes the opportunity to apply 100% of their spring camp tuition towards any one of our Academic 50 Summer camps. You read that right, 100% of your tuition can be applied to ANY of our Academic 50 summer events.

When you enroll in a spring event, you will automatically be issued a credit. The credit is stored directly under the athletes email (the email used when registering for a spring event) . To use your credit visit the EXACT Soccer Website, click on the Academic 50 camp you would like to register for and click on “Register Now”. After doing so, sign in using your email (the athletes email that was used to register for the event) and password. The option to apply the credit will  be displayed on the right side of the screen during checkout. Click the blue button that says “apply my credit.”



Can parents watch?

Parents are more than welcome to attend any of the sessions throughout the day. This includes, training, afternoon game-play, and informational meetings (parent meeting and recruiting informational session).

Is there a trainer on-site at camp?

Yes – there is a Certified Athletic Trainer on-site at all times.

Is the EXACT Camp compliant with NCAA rules and bylaws?

Yes, EXACT takes great care in ensuring compliance with NCAA rules, as college coaches are interacting and training with players on the field. Per NCAA rules, all camps are available to any and all entrants. Registration is only limited by capacity, gender, age, and/or grade level.

More information NCAA compliance can be found here: http://exactsports.com/ncaa-compliant/

What is EXACT’s Cancellation Policy?


Because our camps have a limited capacity, we cannot offer refunds to campers who cancel for any reason. However, during registration you may purchase “No Questions Asked” (NQA) cancellation insurance that will allow you to receive a refund in the event that you are unable to attend the camp.

For those that do not purchase NQA cancellation insurance, we are only able to offer you a transfer of your registration fee less a credit transfer fee to cover EXACT’s incurred event costs. Transfer fee is 20% (when notified 14+ days out) or 35% (when notified 1-14 days out from camp). The credit will be stored on your account in PrepHero (EXACT’s Registration partner) and can be applied to any open EXACT camp within 12 months. There is no credit provided to no-shows at the camp, so please notify us early!

If you are already registered and need to cancel, please go to https://prephero.com/camps/cancel and login using the account created during registration. You can also email director@exactsports.com.

My question is not covered here. Is there someone I can speak to at EXACT Sports?

Yes, the best way to reach us is to email us at Director@exactsports.com. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days (but it is usually much quicker!).