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Unfortunately, registration for this event has been closed. Below is a list of additional events nearby that you can still register for.
Unfortunately, registration for this event has been closed. Below is a list of additional events nearby that you can still register for.
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GirlsONToronto (ON, CA)Gender: Girls State: ONWed, March 14th 20182.4375 DayRegisterLearn More
GirlsCTNortheast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp (North Branford, CT)Gender: Girls State: CTSat, July 21st 20183.2708333333333 DayRegisterLearn More
GirlsMANew England III (Hanover, MA)Gender: Girls State: MATue, February 20th 20181.4375 DayRegisterLearn More
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New Jersey Girls Regional 15 ID Camp

  • Feb 20 [ 8am-4:30pm ]
  • 60 Upperclassmen
    (Grades 11th-12th)
  • 60 Underclassmen
    (Grades 8th-10th)
Superdome Sports
134 Hopper Ave, Waldwick, NJ 07463, USA Google Map View
College Coaches Confirmed

Video Available

Due to NCAA rules, video will be available to you for review, use and share with any coaches. ( icon next to their school logo).

More Coaches Coming Soon!

Soccer Showcase

The website will be updated weekly with new attendees, the event will feature multiple confirmed college coaches. EXACT has the largest college network in the country, as over 1,000 college coaches from top DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA programs around the country have participated in EXACT's events. Our goal is to give athletes maximum exposure to a broad range of collegiate programs.

On-Field Training
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Mental Workout
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The #GoMental Movement

By starting the #GoMental movement, EXACT has enabled thousands of current collegiate, professional, and aspiring high school athletes to reach their performance goals. We hope you'll join us so that you can reach your own desired destination.

College Recruiting Seminar
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Goalkeeper Training
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 Individualized Instruction

Designated Time Slot(s):
Feb 20 [ 8am-4:30pm ]
Travel & Accommodations


All participants are responsible for booking their own lodging. Attending campers/families are not required to stay in a specific hotel. However, we have listed below a recommended option for our attendees.

A camp hotel has not been confirmed yet for this event. We will notify all campers if a hotel becomes available.

If You Drive

Silverlakes Sports Complex, 5555 Hamner Ave, Norco, CA 92880 View in Google Map

In addition to a GPS location, we provide specific directions to all participants in pre-camp materials so you know exactly where to go and when to be there!

If You Fly

The following airport options are most convenient for the event location:
Ontario International Airport ( ONT ) - 20 Mins
John Wayne Airport ( SNA ) - 45 Mins
Los Angeles International Airport ( LAX ) - 60 Mins
If you are flying home after camp, we recommend booking a flight at 8pm or later if possible. EXACT will not be able to provide rides to and from the airport.

Athletes Traveling Alone

Players are welcome to travel to the EXACT ID Camp without an accompanying family member (though most do arrive with family). Players will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport.

EXACT provides a hotel message board on your Camp Dashboard. Registered campers can use the message board to connect with other athletes looking for shared hotel accommodations.


Matthew  Cohn


Matthew’s mom Renee provided the following feedback.

My son was on the younger end of the Exact Soccer demographic, nonetheless, he gained valuable experience, knowledge and confidence through this 1 day camp. He took the knowledge he obtained and used to gain himself visibility to his High School and Club Coaches. The good news is that he was offered roster spots on several clubs -AND- was offered a roster spot on his High School team. Of course, some of this is based on skill but I am certain that no kid going into his Freshman year went in with the confidence that he had to approach the coach directly in an effort to make himself known and make a lasting impression above and beyond his technical skills.


David  Heckendorn


I just wanted to reconnect with you, to say that your Boston event surpassed our expectations. I had been skeptical about ID camps- yours was not just a chance to play with college coaches, but a chance to understand the recruiting process, and formulate a strategy to own it. Despite similar events at my son’s school and club, we heard much helpful insight that we had not heard previously- and feel much better prepared to pursue an education at a good school, taking into account my son’s soccer interest and ability.

Thank you,

David Heckendorn


Sabrina  Knight


We’ve previously have had a bad experience with ID campp. The bad experience was at the IMG ID camp. As you may have herd, they have a knack of putting together only the ECNL players all together in one group. My daughter had the very best experience in your EXACT camp. You and your team run the best camp. She was in the Atlanta camp last year. She was seen by every coach attending. Her team was well put together and was very comparable to all the other teams. You had a great parent info. session. I have been promoting your camp since we were there last winter. My daughter is a senior this year. If my daughter is undecided on a college with in the next month I know she would love to be in your camp again. Keep up the POWER POSE!


Ron  Trengove


Abigail attended one of the EXACT SoCal camps with the intention to play and meet the Northwestern coach. She loves Chicago. Earlier in the year as a present for all her hard work and dedication, I gave her a late birthday present of a trip to Chicago on St Patrick’s Day to see her favorite group Fifth Harmony. It was a 75* day. City was alive like it usually is and she fell in love. So, figuring out how to go to school in Chicago became a priority.
Back story, she was on a bit of a rebound so to speak. She spent the previous 6 months being courted by the University of Arizona. The deal broke down and she was left heartbroken. Chicago was there for her wounded heart.

However, in the time of her writing the coach and the camp beginning, Northwestern had signed a 2018 GK. Kudos to the Northwestern coach Shannon Neely, who saw a potential to match make. She let Katie Hutlin know, then of IL, that Abigail was interested in attending school in Illinois, but she was filled up in that position. Katie met Abby and they hit it off instantly and Katie called Abby’s coach the next day after camp and insisted she come to campus and “they really like her” etc. So we go and sign up for their ID camp later in the Fall. Abby loves it. Jeff Freeman and Janet Rayfield were awesome and professional. It all seems to be making sense. Abby had a great camp. Enjoyed herself immensely and loved the rich history of the University. In the following weeks, Janet and or Jeff were communicating with Abby’s coach that an offer is coming any day. WELL, Katie leaves and takes a job at Oregon. The former Penn St GK coach is hired. We were told that he would be bringing one of his own recruits with him to Illinois and we get the Dear John voicemail from Jeff. Meanwhile, Abby writes everyone saying how she wishes it would’ve worked out, but good luck including to Katie who is now settled in Oregon. Katie calls Abby’s coach and asks if Abby would consider Oregon. That has always been Abby’s first choice, but with coach changes and little response back from Oregon in the past we felt it wasn’t a possibility. Katie looks into it more with head coach and all the GK money is used for the years in and around Abby’s class. No chance.

SO, how did Ab’s Exact story turn out to be a positive one? Weeks prior to camp, Abby’s side played up an age group against Beach FC at Surf Cup. Beach FC was coached by Jeff Joyner. Abby shut them out in her half of action and Jeff recalls telling his bench “we better not let them score because we aren’t scoring against this keeper”. Exact camp comes up, Jeff watches her train at the camp and calls Abby’s coach afterward to express interest. Erin Sharpe, Abby’s coach, reminds Jeff that she played against him. Light goes off, he puts two and two together. However, Ab was engaged with University of Illinois and maybe the University of Oregon still. Jeff lets Abby’s coach know they want to meet Abby on campus. When the other schools fall through we have Abby’s coach call Long Beach and let them know we are still interested. Abby and her mom visit campus a few weeks later. Deal comes and she commits. Jeff and Mauricio Ingrassia were and have been wonderful during this whole process. I couldn’t be more confident and proud to send my daughter to Long Beach State to be a 49er under their tutelage and watchful eye.
Funny thing is looking back at Abby’s original “Dream 10 schools” list created before the recruiting process begun for her. Long Beach was sitting at #4. Felt like it was meant to be, but only doable because of her attendance at EXACT.

Review by Santi  Bartolome

Santi  Bartolome


I wanted to let you know I committed to a school (Illinois Institute of Technology) and also thank you for the experience your camp gave me. I participated in 3 of your camps (freshman / sophomore / junior year of HS) and I in each one I learned something different. Although I didn’t meet the coach from the school I am going during one of your camps, it is was because of the tools your camp gave me I was confident and knowledgeable enough to go through the process.

Before coming to your camp I didn’t know where I would fit, but I knew I wanted to play in college. It was only through the interactions with coaches in your camp where I got a clear and honest picture of what my best bets were and provided me with the tools to navigate the process.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and affirm what you probably already know which is you are doing a great job.


Can parents watch?

Parents are more than welcome to attend any of the sessions throughout the day. This includes, training, afternoon game-play, and informational meetings (parent meeting and recruiting informational session).

Is there training for Goalkeepers?

Yes – the EXACT Soccer ID Camp coaching staff always includes college goalkeeper coaches. Each day, goalkeepers will participate in keeper-specific sessions that are designed and led by college goalkeeper coaches.

Are all college coaches listed on the coaching staff actually going to be there?

Yes – EXACT Sports hires all coaches to be on the field instructing and evaluating athletes throughout camp. All coaches listed on the coaching staff are confirmed to participate, instruct, evaluate and get to personally know the players.

Will players have an opportunity to get feedback from college coaches on the coaching staff?

Yes – players have several opportunities throughout camp to get feedback from the coaching staff. After each field session coaches will complete a ‘Success Log’ with each player that reviews the goals of the session, what the player did well, and where the player can improve. Each player will also get a 1-on-1 written evaluation and meeting with a college coach at the end of camp.

Is there a trainer on-site at camp?

Yes – there is a Certified Athletic Trainer on-site at all times.

Is the EXACT Camp compliant with NCAA rules and bylaws?

Yes, EXACT takes great care in ensuring compliance with NCAA rules, as college coaches are interacting and training with players on the field. In accordance with NCAA rules, EXACT camps are open to any and all that would like to attend, but may limit attendance based on several factors, such as age, number and grade level. however, camp attendance at EXACT is never restricted by a camper’s skill level or competitive experience.

More information on NCAA compliance can be found here: https://exactsports.com/ncaa-compliant/

What is EXACT’s Cancellation Policy?


Because our camps have a limited capacity, we cannot offer refunds to campers who cancel for any reason. However, during registration you may purchase “No Questions Asked” (NQA) cancellation insurance that will allow you to receive a refund in the event that you are unable to attend the camp.

For those that do not purchase NQA cancellation insurance, we are only able to offer you a transfer of your registration fee less a credit transfer fee to cover EXACT’s incurred event costs. Transfer fee is 20% (when notified 14+ days out) or 35% (when notified 1-14 days out from camp). The credit will be stored on your account in PrepHero (EXACT’s Registration partner) and can be applied to any open EXACT camp within 12 months. There is no credit provided to no-shows at the camp, so please notify us early!

If you are already registered and need to cancel, please go to https://prephero.com/camps/cancel and login using the account created during registration. Click here to learn about our weather policy. For additional information email director@exactsports.com.

My question is not covered here. Is there someone I can speak to at EXACT Sports?

Yes, the best way to reach us is to email us at Director@exactsports.com. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days (but it is usually much quicker!).