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Below are the unedited, ratings of EXACT from past/current participating athletes & families.  These reviews of EXACT can also be found by visiting EXACT's facebook page, where there were originally posted.

 My daughter attended the EXACT ID camp this fall located at Bryan Park, NC.  I was very impressed with not only the on-the-field clinic but just as impressed with the classroom Q & A for both parents and players. My daughter was able to meet and speak with several coaches from top colleges and received valuable advice from the EXACT speakers and guest coaches. In fact, because of we attended this EXACT clinic, an assistant coach from a Division I school became interested in my daughter and invited her to play in front of the head coach at one of the school's ID camps. Today, my daughter is a 2019 Division I committed player and her dream of playing college ball is now a reality. I strongly recommend all college bound players to attend at least one if not two EXACT events.  Best Wishes, Dr. Mary Beth Loyd Raleigh, North Carolina
Academic 50 ID Camp: Mom thinks EXACT is by far the best camp!
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: Academic 50 ID Camp changed the way his son plays
Soccer ID Camp Reviews: 2018 Dad strongly recommends EXACT Soccer
Academic 50 ID Camp: Only regret is not starting her daughter in EXACT's program years ago
EXACT ID Camp Reviews: Mom feels this was great opportunity for her son
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: Dad says EXACT Soccer was the best Camp his son ever attended
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: Daughter attended in North Carolina and committed for 2019
EXACT ID Camp Reviews: Goalkeeper son had an amazing experience
Academic 50 ID Camp: Son had a great experience in Southern California
EXACT ID Camp Reviews: Fun day in Mesa, Arizona
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: Son really enjoyed camp in Dallas
EXACT ID Camp Reviews: Mom strongly recommends program to every high school player
Soccer ID Camp Reviews: 13 year old daughter has wonderful experience at camp.
EXACT ID Camp Reviews: Daughter went to Connecticut Camp, recommend to any player who aspires to play soccer in college.
Soccer ID Camp Reviews: Daughter recovered from injury and regained confidence at camp
Soccer ID Camp Reviews: awesome day of soccer in New Jersey
Academic 50 ID Camp Reviews: Daughter made friends and learned valuable skills
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: Daughter received wonderful feedback in St. Louis
Soccer ID Camp Reviews: Review from a parent in Phoenix, AZ
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: Great camp in San Bernardino, California
Academic 50 ID Camp Reviews: Daughter is excited to go back to camp in Florida
Soccer ID Camp Reviews: Camper Verbally Commits to Play Division One College Soccer
Academic 50 ID Camp Reviews: Daughter ran into old friends and loved camp
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: Son had a great time at the Connecticut camp
EXACT Soccer Camp Reviews: 7th grade son enjoyed camp and got great feedback from coaches
Academic 50 ID Camp Reviews: Daughter enjoyed EXACT more than any other camp, is now verbally committed
EXACT ID Camp Reviews: Daughter had a great day at Arizona camp
EXACT ID Camp Reviews: Mom thanks EXACT Soccer for great camp day

Online Reviews of EXACT

The below reviews have been emailed to EXACT and are also the full feedback from the athlete/parent/family.

"I'm so happy I attended this camp! Honestly one of the best soccer experiences I’ve had. I learned so much about the mental aspect of the game as well as learning how to excel in the recruiting process. I’ve gone mental!."

- Ashley Cameron | Athlete | West Coast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | June 2018

"The EXACT Sports Camp was by far the best soccer camp I have ever attended, and I really enjoyed every day of it."

- Aaliyah Aukaitakata | Athlete | West Coast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | June 2018

"This camp was an amazing camp where I got to meet many college coaches and great players with the same interests that I have."

- Dakota Freshwater | Athlete | West Coast Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"It was a great way to put yourself out there for colleges to see. The camp made it easier and more comfortable to communicate and not be shy. There was a good balance of showcasing skills on the field and engage with coaches off the field. The tips from the mental lectures were helpful and encouraging."

- Rosa Sorbello | Athlete | West Coast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | June 2018

"EXACT Soccer ID Camp was easily one of the best soccer camps I've been to. It was well organized and had a lot to offer to the players and their parents."

- Bryce Mayden | Athlete | Southeast Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"I really appreciated all of the workings of this camp, it got me great exposure and introduced me better to how I can put myself out there and play college soccer, the physical and mental aspects both."

- Peyton Weber | Athlete | West Coast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | June 2018

"The camp was excellent, and it gave many opportunities to get to know coaches and players!"

- Winston Smith | Athlete | Southeast Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"Loved this camp. I liked the idea of staying with the same group of players for 3 days. It allowed me to get to know my teammates and facilitated us playing better together. The coaches and facilities were fantastic, but one of the best things was the PrepHero website. It is the greatest resource I've seen for contacting coaches, and giving them complete information about me and my style of play."

- Gianna Valenti | Athlete | West Coast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | June 2018

"The EXACT Academic 50 ID camp was a phenomenal experience! I love the fact that I got separate goalkeeping training. This is what separates EXACT from other camps."

- Jenna Lowery | Athlete | Southeast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"What a great experience for player and parent. This camp was great for new experiences and exposures for a rising freshman in high school. The staff and coaches are great to talk too and very informative about what to expect from the recruiting process, as the kids begin the next phase of their soccer careers. Overall, a very well run and informative camp. Highly recommend it for the players, but equally so for the parents!

- Rebecca Sutton Webb | Parent | Southeast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"The EXACT Camp allowed me to really show coaches who I was and get honest feedback."

- Marcelle Blanchet | Athlete | Southeast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"The EXACT Camp allowed me to really show coaches who I was and get honest feedback."

- Marcelle Blanchet | Athlete | Southeast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"Playing for EXACT changed my life. They taught me what it means to live life to the fullest and they taught me how to chase every dream of mine, whether that's on or off the field.

- Mariah Shaver | Athlete |  Midwest Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"Such a great experience. High quality competition and great coaches to learn from! Love the mental portion, I will definitely use it!

- Kyle Mason | Athlete |  Northeast Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"The reviews from the EXACT camp carry a lot of weight on PrepHero. Before the camp we were getting very little action, now we have coaches contacting us on the site with personal invites and they are mentioning the EXACT Camp review in the invites. It is well worth the money." 

- Mya McGee | Parent |  Southeast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"I have been to a lot of camps this past year and this by far is one of the best camps to get exposure from multiple coaches at one time. The goalkeeper showcase was the best as all the coaches we eyes on you watching you perform as other coaches we performing the drills. Direct feedback from coaches all times during the camp as they try to help you improve your game." 

- Nicholas Pasut | Player | Midwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | August 2018

"The EXACT staff is very helpful if you need anything. I made a lot of connections with college coaches and other athletes around the country."

- Greyson Mercer | Player | Midwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | August 2018

"This was a great experience. It allowed me to know where I truly stand as a player and where I need to improve to make it to the next level.

- Seth Locklear | Player | Midwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | August 2018

"The EXACT camp was much more than we expected. Our daughter learned just as much off of the field as she did on the field, and she is remembering it and using it every day both on the field and off. She can now easily approach and talk to coaches, and she now has a solid plan for how to approach her goal of playing college soccer. We can't thank you enough!

- Caroline Lee | Parent | Southwest Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"I loved this camp! Everyone was so welcoming and nice. The experience was overall just amazing." 

- Lauren Powell | Athlete | Southwest Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"EXACT Camp is really amazing. They really focus on mental skills that an athlete needs to succeed off and on the field. This camp is very fun but yet very informational. The coaches share experiences and give advice to help you better prepare ourselves for the recruiting process. I enjoyed the recovery yoga and spiking our heart rate while rocking to Roxanne. Thank you EXACT for an amazing three days." 

- Parfait Ouedraogo | Athlete | Midwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | August 2018

"EXACT Camp was a thrilling experience. It was amazing to meet so many college coaches and players from different states. This is an opportunity I did not wanna miss and was glad that I participated. It was phenomenal how coaches can give you a proper mindset to have for soccer and the motivation to keep playing. Not only did they do a good job off the pitch, but the amount of game time they give you is amazing! They give you many opportunities for you to be witnessed by coaches and to get feedback from them to help you in future games." 

- Denis Cehaic | Athlete | Midwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | August 2018

"BEST. CAMP. EVER. Our son, Carr Panetta, got so much out of your camp. Simon was terrific and the coaching staff was top of the line. The Panetta Family thanks you very much for your direction to attend this event and we will promote your camps to anyone who asks! " 

- Cecily Panetta | Athlete | Southwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2018

"I been to other ID camps but this one was better than the rest because they actually had the coaches interact with the players not just introduce themselves and watch. EXACT Camp had the coaches teaching us, speaking with us, answering questions, and doing so much interaction than any other ID Camp I've ever been to. I most definitely will be going back to another EXACT Camp!" 

- Amanda Avila | Athlete | Nor Cal Girls Multi-College Exposure Camp | April 2018

"Hello Sam:

I wanted to speak with you yesterday, but you were quite busy with the staff and girls, and since that is what you are there for, I didn't want to interrupt, but I hope that this gets to you.

I just wanted to tell you what an excellent job I thought you did with the camp yesterday.  I thought it ran smoothly, was organized, had pertinent information, and, overall was one of the best camps that I had participated in (from a parent point of view, of course).  As a "PARENT OF A COLLEGE ATHLETE" who has a daughter with mental/confidence issues, I was particularly impressed by the attention to, and the program's background in, mental skills.  As a person who has no training in that area, I can tell you that it is difficult to watch your child work so hard on the physical aspects of the game, only to be undermined by the mental part.  I have been through several sessions with two sports psychologists with my daughter to work on the issue, and your program reinforced those recommendations that had previously been made in those sessions.  I have found that the hardest part of addressing the mental part of the game, is getting her to buy into what is being said and suggested.  I think, much like the insidiousness of depression is that the depressed don't think they deserve to get better so they generally resist the assistance that could improve the condition, those with confidence issues (at least as it relates to my daughter) don't have the confidence that the exercises that they are being taught to help their confidence would work on them.  Also, there is a stigma associated with psychology, my daughter resisted because she claimed we thought there was "something wrong with her" when a sports psychologist was suggested.

You have an excellent program, and I'm sure that is is well tested and successful, but just as a point of feedback, perhaps some part of your program could address those issues (again, I have no training, but maybe stories about successful people who have used them, or coaches talking more about what specifically is used from the mental side, I really don't know what, if anything, would be effective, if I did I would have used them already, but I am hopeful that there is something).  Although, maybe they did with the players directly.

Again, it was a great program, my daughter loved it (even though it took 30 minutes to get her out of the car in the morning because she was convinced she was going to embarrass herself by being the worst player there, and would ruin her chance at getting to play in college because the coaches would all see how bad she was), had a great time, and felt that she made a friend with the coach/mentor and other players, so thank you and Great Job." 

- Alan Westbrook | Parent | SoCal Girls Multi-College Exposure Camp | November 2016

"Hi Simon.  Good to see you this weekend in Winston-Salem.  I wanted to share a couple of stories via email that I mentioned to you this past weekend about two wonderful experiences with Exact Sports.

My oldest daughter, Emily, began her college soccer search process by attending the Academic 50 camp outside Philadelphia about 3 1/2 years ago, the summer after her sophomore year.  We live in Asheville, NC, which has a great soccer community, but it is very difficult to get college coaches to see our players and Emily was a bit late in deciding that she wanted to play soccer in college.  She was previously playing basketball and on an AAU state championship team.  The Philadelphia camp had 50 coaches and about 120 players (Emily is a GK).  There were at least five coaches from schools that Emily was interested in.  Going into the camp, we did not know what level of play made the most sense for her.  By the end of the first day, the Creighton coach approached me and said they’d love to have Emily in Omaha.  The Davidson coach separately approached me and said they’d also love to have her and keep her closer to home.  By the second day, both the Williams and Centre College GK coaches expressed strong interest in Emily. We were blown away.  Those two and half days gave her tremendous confidence.  She loved the format, the ability to get to know the coaches well, and the mental training, which is now a strength of hers.  She is currently a freshman on the Wake Forest soccer team and absolutely loving it, in spite of being third string behind an All-ACC senior and an outstanding junior.  While she didn’t meet the Wake coaches at an Exact camp, your camp started her on the path that led her there.

My younger daughter, Katie, is a junior midfielder and attended the Atlanta camp this past summer.  Soccer-wise, she is not on the same level as her sister, but she is a solid player.  She would love to play for a small, strong liberal arts school.  While Rhodes College was not on her radar, she really enjoyed meeting and working with their assistant coach at the camp and decided to attend a one-day ID camp at Rhodes this fall.  Two days after the camp she received an email from the head coach saying they would love to have her at Rhodes and could see her making an impact from day one.  We don’t know if she’ll end up there or not, but she’s full of confidence and off to a great start.

My youngest son, Tommy a high school freshman, attended the one-day camp in Winston-Salem as well and is really looking forward to attending a 2+ day camp this coming summer.

Thank you for all you and the Exact Sports team do to bring colleges and players together.  Please feel free to share this email with your team." 

- Ted Hull | Parent | North Carolina Girls Multi-College Exposure Camp | November 2017

"This camp exceeded our expectations. Our daughter has been to many camps in the past, including ODP and EXACT tops them all. Very well organized, great coaches and staff. Very informative with the kids and parents. Coaches were very attentive, engaged and provided evaluations of their performance. Looking forward to attending more in the near future."

- Aryanna Caban | Parent |  Sunshine State II Girls Multi College ID Camp | February 2018

"This camp was the best we have attended. Great communication before the camp, at the camp, and afterwards. The feedback was great and the one-on-one interviews with coaches made this such a worthwhile investment. We are also loving and using PrepHero account daily to stay in touch with coaches."

- Isaiah Slabaugh | Parent |  Great Lakes Boys Multi College ID Camp | March 2018

"My daughter is a freshman and I wanted her to begin her college soccer recruiting process early. My goal was not necessarily for her to meet specific coaches for the purposes of recruiting, it was more for she and I to start learning about the whole recruiting process - what division she would like to play in, meet some coaches, receive some training and feedback on her play, and to learn what coaches expect of a college soccer player. We both thought that she got more out of the full-day camp than either of us expected. She will definitely do another EXACT Camp for sure."

- Julie Medina | Parent |  Midwest II Girls Multi College ID Camp | January 2018

"I'm a focused high school goalkeeper with a goal of continuous growth and development. I attended EXACT as an opportunity to not only gain exposure from college coaches, but to learn from them and play with top level peers from across the country. The staff and facility was top-notch. I could tell this camp was professional and a good use of time immediately. From the warm-up activity to the closing opportunity to personally, "thank you," to the individual coaches, I grew as an athlete with a goal to play at the next level."

- Rye Conley | Athlete |  Great Lakes Boys Multi College ID Camp | December 2017

"I'm a focused high school goalkeeper with a goal of continuous growth and development. I attended EXACT as an opportunity to not only gain exposure from college coaches, but to learn from them and play with top level peers from across the country. The staff and facility was top-notch. I could tell this camp was professional and a good use of time immediately. From the warm-up activity to the closing opportunity to personally, "thank you," to the individual coaches, I grew as an athlete with a goal to play at the next level."

- Rye Conley | Athlete |  Great Lakes Boys Multi College ID Camp | December 2017

"EXACT Camp is the best camp I have ever attended, I have attended numerous camps and EXACT provides the most amazing atmosphere. Every coach and player are interested in the game and show extreme passion. I have attended two EXACT camps and I could not be happier with my decision. "

- Makayla Cox | Athlete | Chicago Girls Academic 50 ID Camp | July 2017

Coach Reviews of EXACT

The below college coaches and club coaches share their review of the EXACT Camp experiences at the Academic 50 as well as the one day clinics.

Martin Desmarais | Head Coach at MIT

Daniel Cherbonnier | Assistant Coach at University of Tulsa

Kevin Doyle | Associate Head Coach at Grand Canyon University

Alan Kirkup | Assistant Coach at Florida

Dan Palmer | Head Coach at Oberlin College

"I really enjoyed working with the enthusiastic players that attending EXACT. They were very coachable and willing to listen and learn. This camp is a great experience for players to get exposure to college coaches, find out what it takes to play at the next level and learn some tools to help them be more successful on the field. I would highly recommend EXACT to any high school athlete who wants to put in that extra effort to get better. In particular, EXACT's emphasis on building mental strength as a tool to being a better player is unique and invaluable."

"I would encourage athletes to consider EXACT camps as an avenue to learn more about the recruiting process, increase their understanding of college programs, and be seen by coaches that they may not otherwise be exposed to. I think EXACT staff do a earnest job of looking to progress the camp on an annual basis - making the experience enjoyable, and information provided for parents and players as beneficial."

"I am very proud to have my name attached to the EXACT Camps. I have been working with them for the past few years and feel like the EXACT folks do a great job. I have recruited several players I have identified from these camps and plan on continuing to do so in the future!"

"The EXACT Soccer Showcase Camp gives players a unique opportunity to play in front of, and interact with, College coaches from all Divisions."

"I have been been working with EXACT for almost 5 years and what stands out most to me is how well EXACT delivers on what they market. Campers receive comprehensive exposure to the college recruiting process and at each Academic 50 camp, the opportunity to be seen by 50 or more college programs from around the country.  I have and will continue to recruit players that I have identified at EXACT Soccer Camps!"

Chelsea Shaughnessy | Head Coach at Mitchell College

"Exact sports offers an experience that is different from other camps in a way that it prepares you for the mental side of the sport as well as the physical side. All athletes today have the ability to play at the college level but what you find is many do not have the mental ability to compete at that level. Exact camp allows athletes to gain that edge in their game that can allow them to be seen before others that have the similar capability in their sport. As well as giving athletes a mental training kit exact camps allow future college athletes the opportunity to train with coaches from all over the country at many different levels. With this opportunity athletes can have a stronger feel for the many different styles coaches have as well as learn from these coaches about the in and outs about college sports consisting but not limited to admissions process, recruiting process and season commitment levels (pre & post included). For a 2day camp exact sport gives athletes a lot of information as well as opportunity to play in the sport they love and have fun well doing it #GoMental."

Greg Mulholland | Head Coach at Colorado School of Mines

"Prospective student athletes (PSA) should consider EXACT because there are very few organizations that have the networking to bring in the number of college programs that EXACT does. The information that EXACT provides a PSA is spot on in terms of the overall college recruiting process. A player can attend an EXACT camp, identify their list of potential colleges, interact directly with the coaches, showcase their abilities and identify the next steps in a well structured couple of days."

Jason Hirsch | Head Coach at UT Dallas

"I believe this camp benefits the players in several ways. Firstly, they offer these players the chance to take instruction from college coaches which gives them an idea of each coaches style. Secondly, they provide detailed information to players about the various NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA divisions, and the differences between them."

Andy Kohel | Head Coach at Johnson & Wales University

" I have had the pleasure of working Exact Soccer camps for the past 4 years, with 2018 being my 5th. As you can imagine there are quite a few variables that keep me coming back for more. At the top of the list being, interaction with the kids. Exact’s staff does an incredible job of allowing campers to have multiple opportunities to chat individually with the coaches on site. For me this goes a long way as the character of the player tends to come out, and helps me get a better feel for the kids’ personality. At the end of the day, these kids will become ambassadors of whichever program they step into, and the representation of that program is a crucial piece. Additional variables that keep me coming back for more are multiple day assessments (is the kid consistent in his play?), extremely organized staff to keep the event running smoothly, and the way Exact treats its staff and campers (top notch). I look forward to continuing to identify players at Exact soccer camps for years to come."

Mick Giordano | Assistant Coach at Wofford College

"Exact Sports Camps are one of a kind. It gives youth players the ability to interact with premier college coaches from all across the country. Players are able to work with these coaches in training sessions and games which helps them understand how the college game will be. The most important facet here is players are able to understand which coaches they feel fits them better for their future. The thing that really puts Exact Sports above the rest is there initiative to help youth players understand the importance of academics and communication to college coaches. They put importance on their group talks to speak about how players must begin working hard in the classroom just as they do on the field. They hold thousands of success stories helping athletes find the perfect college!"

Aaron Tritch | Assistant Coach at Saint Leo's

"I have been working EXACT soccer camps for several years. The camp gives every athlete in attendance the exposure they need to be identified to play at the next level! The camps are always very well attended by a myriad of college coaches and I am looking forward to another great summer with EXACT!"

Jill Serafino | Head Coach at Simpson College

"EXACT is unlike any camp I've experienced throughout the years. Not only does it provide a great staff of college coaches, but the individual attention the players receive is amazing! The camp covers all the important aspects of the game including on field training and mental training (empowering the athletes), as well as provides useful information about the college recruiting process with direct insight from the coaches across all levels. The discussions surrounding "College Fit" were super effective, allowing the athletes to consider all factors included in the college search so they may go on to find the right fit for them! I would definitely recommend EXACT to high school athletes who want to improve their overall game and learn more about college athletics."

Joe Mooney | Head Coach at The University of Wisconsin Superior

"It is the only camp that stresses the mental aspect of the game and emphasizes the role that mental training can have on a player's development and athletic success. Beyond that, players receive coaching from some of the most highly regarded coaches in the region and have a chance to gain exposure during a crucial period in their college search process."

Mike Davis | University of California-Northridge

"As a coach it is a great way to network and meet other coaches while learning about a very important side of the game, the psychological part. The kids that come on the camp are a joy to instruct and associate with as they all have a big future ahead of them in or out of soccer. The players and parents are able to understand how college soccer operates and how it is possible to find the right fit for the player. The players also get to learn about the mental side of the game where a lot of players at their level and higher, are not as fortunate to be taught such things. 100% I would recommend players to attend!!! The pose and positive thinking sessions are great for young players making them be more confident as people and players."

Shannon Neely | Fordham University

"The reason I enjoy working exact camps is because they offer student-athletes the chance to look at all aspects of the college game that they are aspiring to be a part of; technical, tactical, physical and psychological. The personal interaction with top-end coaches from every division on and off the field provides a unique opportunity for these young girls to learn and improve for themselves, their current and future teams."

Jeff Oleck | Former Northwestern University Coach | Colorado Storm Development Academy | Director of Goalkeeping

"Players who attend EXACT soccer camps are exposed to training sessions that replicate the way that coaches work with their own players. By training this way, the college-bound player can experience the tempo and quality which are demanded on a day-by-day basis within a college program. In order to be prepared for the next level, players need to see what that level looks like and EXACT camp provides that."

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