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Facebook Reviews of EXACT Volleyball

Below are the unedited, ratings of EXACT from past/current participating athletes & families.  These reviews of EXACT can also be found by visiting EXACT's facebook page where it was originally posted.

Volleyball Camp Reviews: Mom thinks EXACT delivered on everything that was promised
 My daughter attended the EXACT ID camp this fall located at Bryan Park, NC.  I was very impressed with not only the on-the-field clinic but just as impressed with the classroom Q & A for both parents and players. My daughter was able to meet and speak with several coaches from top colleges and received valuable advice from the EXACT speakers and guest coaches. In fact, because of we attended this EXACT clinic, an assistant coach from a Division I school became interested in my daughter and invited her to play in front of the head coach at one of the school's ID camps. Today, my daughter is a 2019 Division I committed player and her dream of playing college ball is now a reality. I strongly recommend all college bound players to attend at least one if not two EXACT events.  Best Wishes, Dr. Mary Beth Loyd Raleigh, North Carolina
Volleyball ID Camp Reviews: Daughter had a great experience at Midwest Camp!
Volleyball Showcase Camp Reviews: The best part for this parent was watching her daughter and seeing how much she enjoyed working with the coaches and other players.
Volleyball Camp Reviews: Daughter had a great time and highly recommends camp.
College Volleyball Camp Reviews: Daughter would absolutely recommend this camp to any player who wants to play volleyball in college.
College Volleyball Camp: Volleyball Coach/Mom is so impressed with EXACT's program!
Volleyball Showcase Camp: 5 stars.
Volleyball ID Camp: 5 stars.
College Volleyball Camp: 5 stars.

Online Reviews of EXACT Volleyball

The below reviews have been emailed to EXACT and are also the full feedback from the athlete/parent/family.

"My daughter had a significant growth: as an athlete; but more important, as a human being. After the showcase camp, she has more confidence, better self esteem, and leadership."

- Ayleen Reyes | Parent |  Southwest Academic 25 Volleyball Showcase Camp | July 2018

"I loved everything the camp offered it was an eye-opener for me, and I highly recommend for all the volleyball to attend these camps. To understand what the process is to actually play in college for volleyball and understand how it works."

- Resha Hall | Parent |  Southwest Academic 25 Volleyball Showcase Camp | July 2018

"Excellent experience! Delivered on everything that was promised. Thought it was great that it didn't only focus on the physical aspect of the sport, but the mental piece as well. Gives the players a true idea of what the recruiting process is like."

- Devyn Menne | Parent |  Southwest Academic 25 Volleyball Showcase Camp | July 2018

"Please keep us updated on next year's showcase. Emily received more feedback in one day at this showcase then she did all year at Club!"

- Lisa Scholl | Parent |  Atlanta Volleyball Showcase Camp | July 2018

"The EXACT Camp was so well organized and provided a great atmosphere to play with different athletes from all over the U.S. The coaches were amazing and provided feedback on plays and options during scrimmages. The information break out sessions were good use of quality time and my favorite was the Go Mental session. I will definitely be attending another camp when the opportunity arrives."

- Alexandra Shepherd | Athlete |  Southwest Volleyball Showcase Camp | December 2017

"What a great experience! The camp was well run. The size provided much better time with the coaches, who seemed genuinely interested in the players and helping them out. Our daughter came away tired, sweaty, smiling, and happy. That was a good day of volleyball."

- Abby Garrett | Parent |  Southeast Volleyball Showcase Camp | December 2017

"I loved all the coaches and useful lessons that that I got at the EXACT Camp. Mostly, I learned how to talk to a college coach and to see that they really aren't as scary as I thought. Now, I can speak comfortably and confidently with a coach." 

- Lauren Granillo | Athlete | SoCal Volleyball Showcase Camp | February 2018

"The EXACT Volleyball Camp helped improve my skills and helped me realize that I should be working on to get better. It was very informative about the recruiting process, which is very complicated. Overall, I think this camp was beneficial to my volleyball career."

- Rachel Ryan | Athlete |  SoCal Volleyball Showcase Camp | February 2018

"This was our first time attending a showcase volleyball camp. It was well organized, informative, and the coaches REALLY went out of their way to make the athletes feel comfortable, so they relax, have fun, and show their stuff!"

- Kristina Quinn | Parent | Southwest Volleyball Showcase Camp | December 2017

"I really liked this camp because the players can talk, meet, and interact with the coaches. This camp provides a great opportunity to show how I can play."

- Anneliz Cora| Athlete |  Southwest Volleyball Showcase Camp | December 2017

"This camp was everything I expected and more. It was great to get individualized attention, coaching, and very useful tips from great college coaches. I attended this camp to exposure to college coaches as well as an honest assessment of my skills and abilities. I strongly feel that a camp like this can very helpful in my recruiting process. "

- Abby Miller | Athlete | Mid-Atlantic Volleyball Showcase Camp | December 2017

"This was the definitely the best camp I've attended by far as showcase camps go and good value compared the others. The opportunities for coach interaction and recruiting advice were primary the things that set this camp apart from others I've attended. The up close exposure and the immediate feedback from the coaches were really helpful. "

- Miranda Roberts| Athlete | Southwest Volleyball Showcase Camp | December 2017

"This was my first ever showcase camp. I was very nervous, but the coaches made me feel welcomed. I really had a great time meeting not only coaches, but other girls from around the United States who share the same passion as I do. "

- Chelynn Palmer | Athlete | Southwest Volleyball Showcase Camp | December 2017

Coach Reviews of EXACT

The below college coaches and club coaches share their review of the EXACT Camp experiences at the Academic 50 as well as the one day clinics.

Kelli Trautmann | Head Coach at the University of Dallas

"An athlete should consider Exact volleyball camp because they will receive training instructions from different coaches and be able to get a lot of positive reps in. On top of the skill aspect an athlete will learn all information of playing at the next level and the recruiting process for any division after high school."

Natalie Morgan | Loyola Marymount University

"EXACT Volleyball Camps help young athletes understand how to train their mindset and other mental skills. It is one of the only youth camps in the nation that trains the mental side. In our gym, we go through a mindset warm-up everyday. It is important that our recruits start training these skills in their youth."

Gabriel Otero | Morgan State University

"I think that attending the EXACT camp is a great opportunity for a young athlete to get an initial interaction with a college coach. Most of the athletes who come to the camps I have worked do not really have a lot of experience interacting with coaches so it gives them an opportunity to do so in a less intense environment. The coaches are all very helpful and friendly and willing to talk to the athletes. They get to work on every skill and get individual feedback from coaches on areas of improvement which will help them become better overall players."

Evan Sanders | University of Colorado

"EXACT camps provide athletes with the opportunities to not only work on individual skill development with elite college coaches, but to also be evaluated by these college coaches as potential future athletes within their volleyball programs and/or other college volleyball programs they are connected to."

Phil McDaniel | Henderson State University

"EXACT sports camps give players an opportunity to work with a wide variety of coaching personalities and styles in a setting that allow each player to showcase their skills and work to improve for their upcoming seasons."

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