YES- All players currently participating in their high school seasons on camp date will only compete in games of 6 vs. 6 or less during the EXACT program. Any players who have completed their seasons upon the event date will be eligible to compete in games of 8v8 or 11v11.

The TSSAA directly states, “In the sport of soccer, student athletes who have been submitted on a school’s eligibility report can only participate in scrimmage situations with an independent team involving 6 versus 6 players or fewer. Scrimmage situations or contests between more than one independent team are not permitted regardless of the number of players involved.

This interpretation should be considered in the event that a student athlete wishes to participate in a club team practice, college tryout, Showcase Camp, etc. after the student’s name is submitted on the school’s eligibility report.”

TSSAA Rule Independent Game Participation Rule – Article II Section 21 states that any player currently in their active season may only play in competitive games of 6v6 or less. EXACT’s camp is structured to comply with that rule.