EXACT received your information through our trusted network of soccer coaches & camp/tournament event partners.  We work with over 1000 NCAA and NAIA colleges as well as support 10,000+ youth coaches & event organizations.  These coaches provide us with anonymous recommendations on players they identified in their regions. Typically, coaches identify players (1) from talking with a club, MS, or HS team coaching staff, (2) from observing at tournaments [which provide player booklets to coaches], (3) from a recommendation or observation at a soccer camp, or (4) from league play.

If you have participated in a club, league play, a tournament, or some other soccer training event, coaches have ways to learn about you (and to pass on you referred contact information to EXACT)!  We can then send out personalized invitations to players, like you, whom have been pre-screened as benefiting from high level training!

If your child enjoys soccer or would just like to improve as a youth athlete, click the map to find an event near you!