When Selecting an ID Camp,

3 Factors are Important


Are you looking for broad exposure or specific exposure?  For specific access (e.g. if you are considering a single school), attending a college's clinic or summer program can make a lot of sense.  If you are interested in meeting 10-50 colleges at a single time, check out the upcoming event at https://exactsports.com/soccer


Do you believe soccer is only about technical skills (e.g. dribbling) or do you believe that confidence, leadership and resilience mental skills matter too?  In the EXACT Collegiate Exposure Program, athletes not only get massive college access, but build psychological tools required to play at the college level


Do you want to play NCAA or NAIA soccer? If you know (for sure), that is great! If you are unsure, that's ok! The EXACT ID Camp (https://exactsports.com/soccer/) is a great way for you to get feedback from college coaches and assess where you might fit -- NCAA D1? D2? D3? NAIA? NJCAA?

Want to take a survey that analyzes your potential for college sports?