EXACT Sports offers a unique internship that provides both practical training and a strong opportunity to learn from industry experts.  EXACT’s success is built on maintaining a thriving internship program as nearly all staff (including Executive Director, Barry Tarter) were interns at one point at EXACT.   Interns and current staff have attended institutions including:
  • DePaul University
  • Loyola
  • Northwestern
  • UIC
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Washington University
  • Western Illinois
  Many successful interns have gone on to glorious fellowship & full-time positions at EXACT Sports.  We hope you’ll join us.  
Sport Management Internship (Marketing Management, Ops, Research) Tech Internship (Design, Develop, Code) Sports Media Internship (Video, Digital, Graphics, or Writing)
    ABOUT EXACT SPORTS Consistently rated as one of the best learning & development internships in Chicago, EXACT is again offering a few candidates an opportunity to intern in our distinct sports consultancy. EXACT Sports, located in downtown Chicago, is the most comprehensive sports expert measuring an athlete’s potential. EXACT’s clients include: • National Hockey League • Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation • Major League Soccer • Major League Lacrosse • Athletes from hundreds of colleges including Notre Dame, Duke, SMU & Virginia Tech ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP EXACT is looking to provide motivated, assertive and detail-oriented students an opportunity to intern for our evolutionary sports consulting firm. This unpaid internship gives you a robust skillset and future opportunity for employment at EXACT. Successful interns have the mutually agreed option to join our paid fellowship program at the completion of their unpaid internship. Benefits for this Internship Include: •Exciting work environment: work for a sports company, a technology company, and an entrepreneurial company, all at once. •Growth opportunity: get to advise EXACT’s key executives directly. •Career making: Truly put something of value on your resume. Intern will explore these EXACT Sports areas: •Technology development (app design & program) •Research & product management •Business analysis, including financial reporting & modeling •Customer relationship management •Quantitative player/game analysis •Event operations & athlete testing •Sports marketing It really is all fun and games (in sports consulting & event management)! What Past Interns Say About EXACT…

Amanda Berngard


University of Illinois (2013, Psychology Major) Summer 2012 (Internship)

2012 (Fellowship)

Why EXACT?  Amazing learning opportunity My Internship Program:I led the research & development of new sport psychology tool, called “Prime Motivator”. Under the guidance of two EXACT staff, I explored the topic of motivational styles, researched different approaches to building an online behavioral tool and prepared the development strategy for EXACT.   Good Project(s)? Yes, the experience has been both challenging and exciting. It is rewarding to know that EXACT is going to use ideas and work that I created.

Trevor Santoro


University of Illinois (2015, Communications Major) Summer 2012 (Internship)

Why EXACT?  Great exposure to sports marketing & technology My Internship Program: I was involved in a variety of sports marketing initiatives to grow EXACT’s awareness & brand. In one project, I was the assistant editor for EXACT’s monthly eJournal to coaches, scouts and teams. In another, I developed the social media strategy for EXACT’s facebook and twitter presence. I also got exposure to EXACT’s technology and learned how to create an online survey tool.   Favorite Team: Hawks!

Sam Morgan, Director morgan-sam

DePaul University (2011, Political Science Major) Spring 2010 (Internship)

2010-2011 (Fellowship)

Why EXACT?  Hands-on skill development with great people My Internship Program:I was involved in multiple areas of EXACT that interested me, including product development (research) as well as business development. I analyzed the baseball market and planned the launch of a first-time event in Atlanta, Georgia.   Post-Graduation Transition: Joining EXACT after I graduated was a no-brainer – I was (and still do) learn new things each day, get to work in an exciting industry (sports!) and have made great friends.

Xinjiang Shao, Lead Developer Xinjiang Shao

UIC (2013, Computer Science MS) 2012 (Internship)

2013 (Fellowship)

Why EXACT?  Innovative culture – always creating and building new technologies to improve the sports world My Internship Program:I helped create and launch a new platform for athlete management as well as for monitoring behavioral data.  Very cool!   The People: EXACT is a supportive environment.  We have fun while doing impressive work.  While I’m not the biggest sports fan, I’m a huge fan of our mission to create applications that help athletes, coaches and teams.
Sport Management Internship (Marketing Management, Ops, Research) Tech Internship (Design, Develop, Code) Sports Media Internship (Video, Digital, Graphics, or Writing)