Redemption of voucher for enrollment is subject to review by EXACT Sports LLC.
Voucher application may be denied under the following conditions:
  1. Multiple Redemption: Voucher is valid for one use.  Persons seeking to redeem a previously used voucher will be denied.
  2. Clients Already Registered for Event: Clients who have previously registered for the intended EXACT event will be denied redemption of the voucher.
  3. Expired Voucher: Attempt to redeem expired voucher will be denied.
  4. Alternative Event: Clients attempting to redeem voucher for an event that does not match the listed event code will be denied.
  5. Voucher Older than 180 days: Vouchers do not last longer than 6 months and are ineligible for use after that expiration period.

EXACT Sports maintains the right to cancel or revoke any unused vouchers at any time with or without cause.