EXACT Sports
Profiling Partner to MLB Teams (since 2010)
Profiling Partner for NHL Teams (since 2007)


  • EXACT's relationship with MLB began in 2010 when EXACT was selected as the centralized profiling service with MLB Scouting Bureau (under Bureau Director, Frank Marcos) -- a unified system for teams managed by MLSB.
  • Relationship was re-designated to be self-managed by teams in 2016 (no longer through the Bureau). EXACT now works directly with individual teams on prospects.
  • EXACT profiling contain 10,000 current & prospective MLB player behavioral profiles with over a decade of longitudinal records.
  • Profile provides a snapshot on each athlete's behavioral preferences and other scientifically-validated measures of human performance.
  • EXACT is a highly-efficient psychological tool for quantifying attitudes through a web-based survey (5-10 minutes).
  • Available in English and Spanish, able to be completed on a mobile phone or computer.
  • Players are expected to complete the online surveys within one (1) week to allow teams to better consider for the draft.
  • Below are articles written about EXACT and its ongoing support of teams.



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