EXACT Sports takes great care in ensuring compliance with NCAA rules and bylaws.  Below is an overview of how EXACT helps develop players and the rationale for what we do and what we can’t do.  Additionally, we put in protections for the athlete to maintain eligibility to participate in their state’s high school sport system.

About EXACT Sports

EXACT’s sole purpose is to help steward each athlete’s development to positive outcomes.  Youth athletes require extra development care that is not often provided at typical camps and training activities.  EXACT Sports has the expertise and tools to support player development on all 4 areas of human performance: (1) technical skills, (2) tactical decision-efficiency, (3) physiological development and (4) behavioral approach. EXACT’s camps are unparalleled in its ability to deliver a well-rounded experience to players by uniting its scientifically-validated development principles along-side the superior coaching and instruction of expert coaches. EXACT has been working in youth development for 20 years and has had the privilege of working with We support organizations such as the NHL, US Soccer Women’s National Team, work in pro baseball and pro lax and guide hundreds of college programs. We’ve received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as well as the NCAA. EXACT has a singular ability to assist youth athletes achieve their optimal performance both in and out of the game.

The EXACT Approach to Camps

Each EXACT camp emphasizes one sport, providing specialized instruction and always involving activities designed to improve overall skills and general knowledge in the sport. EXACT leverages two powerful experts:

  1. EXACT Sports: Utilizing advanced tools including training diagnostics and web-based player information and tools for parents.
  2. Collegiate Coaching Staff: Guiding the sport-specific instruction and drills.

This high value experience provides substantial benefits to players:

  • Development Training – EXACT supports the technical training activities with tools and support.
  • Mental Development – Players leverage mental tools (behavioral style & cognitive efficiency) to improve development.
  • Development Information Online for Parents –Incorporating the individual’s development achievements provides players and parents a continuing opportunity to develop beyond the day of camp.
  • Exceptional Staffing – Participants receive a unique blend of training incorporating both direction from knowledgeable college coaches and development guidance from EXACT’s instructors.

Past Camp Schedules have included the following activities:

  • Warm-up & Stretching
  • Nutrition Workshop
  • Q&A with College Coaches
  • Financial Aid Preparation
  • Confidence-Building Seminar
  • Spatial-Awareness Workshop
  • Position Training Exercises
  • Skills & Drills
  • Un-Scored Games


Common Compliance Questions


Is EXACT a Recruiting Service? NO, EXACT’s single focus is training athletes to improve performance.  EXACT provides both feedback tools as well as in-person and web-based training for athletes and teams to enhance development.

Per NCAA Bylaw 13.02.12, a recruiting service is defined to include (adopted: 6/21/12):

(a)   Any service that provides information only to paid subscribers

è  EXACT does not have subscribers, only clients that either attend training camps or use training & feedback tools for teams.

(b)   Any service that is only available to a select group of individuals (e.g., coaches), regardless of whether there is a charge associated with the service;

è  EXACT’s services are available throughout the sports market to youth athletes, college athletes, coaches, teams, and any organization interested in developing better athletes.

(c)   Any service that provides information to the public free of charge.

è  EXACT does not provide public information, only provides training camps and tools for athletes and teams.

In summary, EXACT does not provide any recruiting services to athletes or coaches.  EXACT operates training camps similar to those offered by colleges themselves (e.g. UCLA Boys Soccer Camp, Stanford Baseball Camp, and UNC Women’s Soccer)


OK to Partner in Co-Hosting a Camp? YES, an institution’s athletics department personnel may serve in any capacity (e.g.,counselor, guest lecturer, consultant) in a noninstitutional, privately owned camp or clinic, provided the camp or clinic is operated in accordance with restrictions applicable to institutional camps (e.g., open to any and all entrants, no free or reduced admission to or employment of athletics award winners).[References: NCAA Bylaws (NonInstitutional Privately Owned Camps/Clinics)]


OK to Contact Players to Invite them to Camp? YES, brochures are not restricted by content or design, but are restricted to a single two-sidedsheet. Camp brochures may be provided to a prospective student-athlete at any time. An institution may provide questionnaires to a prospective student-athlete at any time, as well.[References: NCAA Bylaws 13.4.1 (NonInstitutional Privately Owned Camps/Clinics)]

An institution may advertise or promote an institutional camp or clinic toward a particular audience (e.g., elite camp), provided the advertisement or promotion indicates that the camp or clinic is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender). Advertisements Directed Toward a Particular Audience. (Adopted: 9/24/09)


Does this Count on the Recruiting Calendar? NO, the interaction during sports camps and clinics between prospective student-athletes and those coaches employed by the camp or clinic is not subject to the recruiting calendar restrictions. However, institutional camps or clinics may not be conducted during a dead period.[References: NCAA Bylaws (Recruiting Calendar Exceptions)]


Is this a Tryout? NO, these camps are designed for youth student-athletes to receive superior development training and instruction.  Coaches are not allowed to recruit camp participants during any camp activities. Camps (and college coach participation) do not violate the tryout rule.[References: NCAA Bylaws (Sports Camps & Clinics)]


What does EXACT not allow (i.e. not allowed by NCAA)?

·        No Recruiting at the Camp – Coaches cannot recruit players at the camp (e.g. extend verbal or written offers of financial aid to any prospective athlete).

·        No Restriction on Attendance – Event cannot be limited to elite players. All eligible and interested individuals are allowed to attend.

·        No Free Enrollments – Every participating player must pay same fee to attend.

·        No Tryouts – Camps and Open Events are not classified as tryouts


[References: NCAA Bylaws (Recruiting Calendar Exceptions), NCAA Bylaws (No Fee / Reduced Admission Privilege), NCAA Bylaws (Open Events), NCAA Bylaws (Sports Camps & Clinics)]




Reviewed by Hundreds of Compliance Offices Across NCAA DI, DII, DIII

Approved for College Coach Participation


Partial List of NCAA Institutions Attending and/or Co-hosting Camp Programs (and conference affiliation)

  • University of Georgia (SEC)
  • University of California, San Diego (CCAA)
  • University of Dallas (DIII Independents)
  • Erskine College (Conference Carolinas)
  • Florida International University (Sunbelt)
  • Georgia Southern University (Southern)
  • Hamline University (MIAC)
  • Oklahoma State University (Big 12)
  • University of Akron (MAC)
  • Lewis University (GLVC)
  • Massachussets Institute of Technology (NEWMAC)
  • Stanford University (Pac-12)
  • Houston Baptist University (Great West)
  • University of North Carolina (ACC)
  • SIUe (Missouri Valley)
  • University of Syracuse (Big East)
  • Clayton State (Peach Belt)
  • University of Tulsa (Conference USA)
  • University of Wisconsin (Big 10)
  • UNLV (Mountain West)
  • University of Central Florida (The American)
  • Drew University (Landmark)