My daughter, Addy was a participant last year. As a parent, I was completely impressed with the professionalism you and your team demonstrated! I thought the session on how to do a pitch was great, and has proven as invaluable to Addy in college interviews, scholarship interviews and job interviews as it has with coaches. The college coaches’ session on D1 and D3 was great, helping to give her more focus on where she wanted to end up. Finally, both the selection of and participation by coaches was far better than we’d anticipated.

Of course, the proof’s in the outcome. Addy met all the coaches she’d “targeted,” had a number of further contacts, 3 “official visits,” and 4 offers. Going in, she told me her dream was to “go to a great school and play for a great coach.” Thanks for your part in helping her make that happen.

Thank you again,

John Stearns
Edwards, CO