” I have had the pleasure of working Exact Soccer camps for the past 4 years, with 2018 being my 5th. As you can imagine there are quite a few variables that keep me coming back for more. At the top of the list being, interaction with the kids. Exact’s staff does an incredible job of allowing campers to have multiple opportunities to chat individually with the coaches on site. For me this goes a long way as the character of the player tends to come out, and helps me get a better feel for the kids’ personality. At the end of the day, these kids will become ambassadors of whichever program they step into, and the representation of that program is a crucial piece. Additional variables that keep me coming back for more are multiple day assessments (is the kid consistent in his play?), extremely organized staff to keep the event running smoothly, and the way Exact treats its staff and campers (top notch). I look forward to continuing to identify players at Exact soccer camps for years to come.”