“Exact sports offers an experience that is different from other camps in a way that it prepares you for the mental side of the sport as well as the physical side. All athletes today have the ability to play at the college level but what you find is many do not have the mental ability to compete at that level. Exact camp allows athletes to gain that edge in their game that can allow them to be seen before others that have the similar capability in their sport. As well as giving athletes a mental training kit exact camps allow future college athletes the opportunity to train with coaches from all over the country at many different levels. With this opportunity athletes can have a stronger feel for the many different styles coaches have as well as learn from these coaches about the in and outs about college sports consisting but not limited to admissions process, recruiting process and season commitment levels (pre & post included). For a 2day camp exact sport gives athletes a lot of information as well as opportunity to play in the sport they love and have fun well doing it #GoMental.”