I went to the first ID Camp in Philly. We were so encouraged that we attended this one in DC. I have always dreamed about 1) going to college and 2) playing soccer in college. I got to meet a lot of great coaches and athletes. I learned something new at each camp. I wish there were more camps close to me so we could attend more. I am a senior and need all the help I can get in hopes to find the right college. I loved how the coaches were there to help us and give us directions on the spot. My mentor Coach was Mike Eckberg. Towson is on my “dream” list – and we are now going to schedule a visit as he suggested. I am so excited and I know I still have a long road ahead, but every journey has a beginning. Even though I am getting started a little late, I feel like EXACT really has helped me come flying out of the gate!