Trinity College is an evangelical interdenominational Bible college (established 1932) located in New Port Richey in Pasco County, Florida. It is a private college. An important characteristic of the college has always been its distinctly interdenominational nature. At Trinity students from a wide variety of church backgrounds have the opportunity to study various interpretations of the Bible in an atmosphere of respect. In a world where interdenominational cooperation among evangelicals is increasingly vital, Trinity College of Florida believes that this type of education best serves its students as they prepare to live and serve more effectively.

The mission of Trinity College is to equip men and women for Christian service to the church and all humanity through effective biblical, professional and general education leading to associate and baccalaureate degrees.

The goals for achieving this mission are:

-Spiritual – to orient, motivate, and lead students to Christian maturity and spiritual depth;
-Academic – to provide an understanding of the Bible as the basis for Christian life and thought within the context of the College statement of faith and to introduce students to the Western intellectual tradition;
-Intellectual – to develop in students the ability for critical analysis and to motivate in them a desire for continuing intellectual pursuits;
-Professional – to produce graduates competent for Christian service to humanity in the areas of their individual choices.