Virtual Seminar: Mental Performance & Recruiting Education

EXACT is offering the mental performance + recruiting education + bonus sessions through this online platform so that at camp, you can focus on quality training and gameplay (with video)!

All seminars below are completely optional.  

Available "on-demand" now through two-weeks after camp ends, allowing you and your family to select any video-based coach sessions you'd like to watch.

  • Mental Mindset

  • Recruiting Process

Mental Skill Seminars

While our in-person contact at camp is going to be very limited, we still want to ensure you reap the benefits of EXACT's mental expertise.  Watch the below videos to build your mental mindset (before, during and after camp!).


Getting Ready... Day Before Camp

Coach Paul Hennessey (CalTech) provides tips for preparing for tomorrow's camp!

The Power of Mindset

Learn foundational, expert guidance for building a champion mindset (with Coach Jay Martin, OWU)

Developing an Identity Statement

Creating a personal 'identity' that will empower you to achieve your goals (with Coach Barry Tarter)

Building Confidence through Posture

Learn techniques for enhancing your confidence through body control & posture (with Coach Barry Tarter)

Creating a Big Audacious Goal (BAG)

Explore guided techniques on how to set a plan for reaching your goals (with Coaches Simon Clements & Jess Gregory)

Creating a Performance Journal

Continuing the B.A.G. session above, doing the 'small' things that help you manage your success daily  (with Coach Simon Clements)

Download the EXACT Mental Skills App (today)!


Recruiting Panel: Providing Coaches Essential Video

Learn how to approach video, especially during these uncertain times with EXACT and three coaches: Martin Desmarais (MIT), Kevin Driggs (St. Marys), Bianca Keil (Univ Minnesota Morris).

Recruiting Tips for College Soccer

EXACT interviews Coach Jamie Franks (University of Denver, Head Coach)

Email Strategy

Learn tips and strategies for an effective email to college coaches with coaches Joe Sagar (Lawrence University) and Keith Simons (Wesleyan University)

D1 College Soccer: Coaching, Recruiting & Leadership

EXACT interviews Coach Sean Phillips (University of Illinois Chicago) covering various topics such as how he approaches coaching, recruiting, and leadership

Day in the Life of an NCAA Men's Soccer Athlete

Men's Head Coach Brian Jaworski shares insight on the "day in the life" of a college soccer player

Realistic Recruiting Timeline

EXACT interviews coach Jess Greer (Washington State) to understand the timeline of playing collegiate soccer

How to Get Recruiting Process Started

EXACT interviews Coach Elmar Bolowich (George Mason Soccer, Head Coach)

When to Talk Scholarships

EXACT interviews Coach Rob Thompson (Clemson) to understand when players should ask about scholarship money

Recruiting Intangibles

EXACT interviews Coach Maryn Beutler (Oregon Women's Soccer) about what are the intangibles that coaches look for

Day in the Life of an NCAA Women's Soccer Athlete

Women's Head Coach Ellery Gould shares insight on the "day in the life" of a college soccer player

other ESSENTIAL camp details:

  • Itinerary: View on  camp dashboard 
  • Maps/Layout: Field and parking locations available at  camp dashboard 
  • Safety Precautions: Bring water, multiple masks (required), and observing parents must stay outside the "No Spectator Zone". 
  • Medical Release: Fill in your required medical information at  camp dashboard 
  • Performance Report (Coach Feedback): Players will get personalized feedback from coaches [after] camp ends. You'll receive an email with guidance from an NCAA/NAIA coach from your observed gameplay.  This report will be emailed to you within 3 weeks after camp ends.