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With 70.2% of EXACT athletes playing in NCAA or NAIA programs, you too can develop your full potential. To get information about College Soccer ID Camps, add your info below.

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  • Unparalleled Access to College Coaches: EXACT's staff includes over 1,000 NCAA D1, D2, D3, and NAIA coaches. 
  • College Training Tips: Want to hear from real college coaches in the ACC, Big Ten, SEC, PAC 12, and Big East?  Or what about the academic elites like the Ivy, NESCAC and UAA?  We work with them *all* and can share insight into how to (a) get access to those coaches and (b) how to prepare to play at those institutions.  
  • Recruiting Insights for Players & Parents: EXACT has been fortunate to see how youth athletes can successfully transition from aspiring high school player into an empowered college (NCAA, NAIA) athlete.  With 70.2% of our athletes making it at the college level, we provide families the necessary 'intel' to own their career success.
  • Develop Your Mental Skills: EXACT is the expert in behavioral and cognitive sports training.  We've seen what it takes to go from being a "good" high school athlete to becoming a stellar college athlete.  Want to be more Resilient? viewed as a Leader? play more Confidently? learn how to get in the Zone?  Learn techniques in an easy-to-use way.
  • Recommended Tools:  Get access to tools, technology and resources from EXACT and our esteemed partners to help you prepare for academic and athletic success.
  • Join the Best: Our program works. The proof is in the pudding. Over 70% have gone on to play NCAA / NAIA athletics.

How College Exposure Really Works

Getting exposure to colleges is not a 1-time thing. In fact, the vast majority of colleges will evaluate and meet a player multiple times over the course of the recruiting process. This is why we encourage players to attend multiple events. Playing ability is only part of the equation. A player's character, personality and cultural fit are also vital parts of the equation. We emphasize personal interaction at our events so players can start the relationship building process, and be evaluated in a competitive environment, all at one event. 

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