Mental Training for Teams: 
10 Interactive Online Modules

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    10,000 HoursUnderstand the Ingredients of Success for High Performers
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    A Future You Can Believe In: Prepare to Become the Individual You Want to Be
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    I See, Therefore I AmVisualization and Focus Training
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    Physical is MentalControl Physiological Response to Emotional Arousal
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    Power Pose ItLeverage the Benefits of Posture to Stimulate Confidence
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    Mental LiftingIntegrate Mental Techniques into a Unified Mental Workout

“Most teams ignore the 'mental game'. Coaches that give athletes resources on how to focus, retain confidence & lead will always dominate those stuck in their own mediocrity.  EXACT's tools have been used by World Series & Stanley Cup champions in addition to NCAA championship winners and the best high school athletes.

The EXACT mental training app is the easiest way for athletes to build a gritty, can-do mindset of success.”

Simon Clements, MPA

2018 Rate Schedule

Team Fee:  $   500 (up to 20 athletes)

Club Fee:   $6,500 (up to 1000 athletes)


EXACT Sports started the "Go Mental" movement to help teams prepare mentally for athletic performance. As official partner to over 60 professional teams, Olympic / National teams, thousands of university athletes, EXACT is the most commonly used sports psych toolkit in North America.

EXACT is one of a few organizations in sports to have received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). EXACT’s roots are in science and it provides athletes, coaches, parents and administrators with web-based systems for supporting human development and performance.