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In the dynamic and highly competitive realm of high school football, the journey to the top is as much about mental fortitude as it is about physical prowess...


The Following Athletes Received The Highest Overall Ranking By A National Network of NCAA and NAIA College Coaches. 

Each Athlete Was Evaluated, Nominated, and Ranked At the 2023 EXACT Sports Showcase and Training Program for Aspiring College Athletes.

RankProfileNameGrad YearStatePosition
1Untitled design-3Nay'shaun Robinson2026CTOffensive Tackle
2Untitled design-3Brady Collins2026MIQuarterback
3Michael McNealTsirell Curry2025PAWide Receiver
4Untitled design-3Willie Duckett Jr2025TXOffensive Tackle
5Untitled design-3Jacques Brown2024TXQuarterback
6Untitled design-3Ay-Dehn Presler2024CAWide Receiver
7Untitled design-3Allen Brown2028OHCorner Back
8Untitled design-3Tristen Newsome2025INFree Safety
9Untitled design-3Demaja Windom2024CADefensive End
10Updated Michael McNealMichael Mcneil2025DCLinebacker
11Untitled design-3Markius Woods2026ILOffensive Tackle
12Untitled design-3Harris Penley2026ALOffensive Tackle
13Untitled design-3Jackson Blanchard2025COTight End
14Untitled design-3Jaxon Totherow2027GAOffensive Tackle
15Untitled design-3Evan Truesdale2028NYLinebacker
16Untitled design-3Brandon Booker2024NYQuarterback
17Untitled design-3Ke/'/shaun Pinkney-Rogers2025FLFree Safety
18Untitled design-3Nolan James2025CAOffensive Tackle
19Untitled design-3Kace Eastridge2026KYQuarterback
20Untitled design-3Gavin Gall2025MNWide Receiver
21Pranav Vijay2025CAWide Receiver
22Knox Allen2026GALinebacker
23Treasure Harris2025NVRunning Back
24Geordan Beamon2024CADefensive End
25Ashawn Cranford2026CADefensive End
26Jaeden Johnson2024NCCorner Back
27Brandon Heckethorn2026OKDefensive End
28Jeremiah Mitchell Hudson2026MDQuarterback
29Keyonne Johnson2026GAWide Receiver
30Isaiah Osbourne-Charles2025ONRunning Back
31Dean Atlas2024MDLinebacker
32Blake Tarleton Jr.2027MDDefensive Tackle
33Landon Lewis2024NCLinebacker
34Ashton Lafleur2025LACorner Back
35Stanley Stanukinos2026TXOffensive Tackle
36Tyler Criswell2025TXDefensive Tackle
37Kamal Salaudeen2025NYDefensive End
38Jadon Bender2026MIWide Receiver
39Tanner Fowler2024MNWide Receiver
40Sahvar Harvey2027MNRunning Back
41Hakeem Anderson2024CARunning Back
42Zechariah Jones2025MIWide Receiver
43Ryan Keaton2024OHWide Receiver
44Vukasin Dejkovic2024ILLinebacker
45Tahmayn Thompson2025CTRunning Back
46Nathaniel Baxter2027CACorner Back
47Adrian Morris Jr.2025CACorner Back
48Chuck Hammack Ii2024ALDefensive Tackle
49James Hawkins2025NCQuarterback
50Felix Freestone-Horsford2025COOffensive Tackle
51Joseph Mccrea Jr2024TXDefensive End
52Montez Randall2025LACorner Back
53Christian Benner2026TXOffensive Tackle
54Jaidan Brooks2025TXWide Receiver
55Collin Fabacher2024LAWide Receiver
56Christian Getz2025TXWide Receiver
57John Michael Terry2025NCDefensive End
58Joshua Sam Epelle2027GAOffensive Tackle
59Frank Johnson2025OHDefensive End
60Xavier Hullum2025NJLinebacker
61Eathan Maynes2026TXOffensive Tackle
62Larry Nichols2025TXQuarterback
63Luke Evans2025TXDefensive End
64Byran Simmons2024TXRunning Back
65Dearis Hubbert2027MNRunning Back
66Aaron Briggs2025MNCorner Back
67Akim Shabazz2027OHWide Receiver
68Devari Bennett-Davenport2025OHCorner Back
69Justin Beck2025PALinebacker
70Daniel Trostle2026WACenter
71Sean Ponce2025WADefensive Tackle
72Kinye Martin2025VARunning Back
73Connor Schreier2025MNDefensive End
74Kaeon Ward-Taylor2025IADefensive Tackle
75Aidan Beauchamp2026AZLinebacker
76Ronald Wilder2026ALRunning Back
77Jabari Wright2024MSWide Receiver
78Cedrick Simmons2027ALWide Receiver
79Ethan Yeary2025VAFree Safety
80Zacobi Riley2025SCQuarterback
81Carmelo Martin2026CARunning Back
82Robert Hunter2026KSQuarterback
83Ayden Smith2026NYOffensive Tackle
84Isaiah Denis2024NYDefensive End
85Emanuel Moore2026MDWide Receiver
86Berry Sanders2028FLRunning Back
87Austin Legge2024FLCenter
88Orlando Gouldbourne2024FLDefensive Tackle
89Alexander Valdes2025FLGuard
90Ryan Long2025FLOffensive Tackle
91Calel Perry2024FLDefensive End
92Owen Dufeny2025FLCenter
93Anthony Olazabal2024FLDefensive End
94Cameron Clark2025FLGuard
95Nikolas Korf2026FLWide Receiver
96Kallen Martinez2026FLFree Safety
97Ryan Goodman2025FLDefensive End
98Adam Noufal2025NJDefensive End
99Barrett Crosby2024CAFree Safety
100Jaden Ledesma2024CACorner Back



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