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Volleyball Ventures: The EXACT 11 International Volleyball Journey

In the dynamic world of high school volleyball, where talent is nurtured and dreams are chased with relentless vigor, the EXACT 11 international program stands as a beacon of opportunity and growth...


The Following Athletes Received The Highest Overall Ranking By A National Network of NCAA and NAIA College Coaches. 

Each Athlete Was Evaluated, Nominated, and Ranked At the 2023 EXACT Sports Showcase and Training Program for Aspiring College Athletes.

RankProfileNameGrad YearStatePosition
1Min4Evelyn Kunde2026FLOpposite Hitter
2Untitled design-3Lauren Montgomery2025PAOutside Hitter
3Untitled design-3Grace Keaney2026MEMiddle Hitter
4Untitled design-3Kayla Schlautman2024NCLibero/DS
5Untitled design-3Kloe Watts2027NCSetter
6Min 3Ava Barnett2025VAMiddle Hitter
7Untitled design-3Daniella Udegbunam2024TXMiddle Hitter
8Untitled design-3Katie Daehnick2026MOSetter
9Untitled design-3Phoenix Fogel2026MOMiddle Hitter
10Untitled design-3Asha Pensa-Johnson2025NYMiddle Hitter
11Untitled design-3Camille Holloway2025FLMiddle Hitter
12Untitled design-3Emry Brown2025OKOutside Hitter
13Min 2Marlena Kinlan2025NYOutside Hitter
14Untitled design-3Kayla Zanon2026FLLibero/DS
15Untitled design-3Nicole Dos Santos2025FLOutside Hitter
16Min 1Emmory Toppenberg2025IAMiddle Hitter
17Untitled design-3Makenzie Sloan2025IAMiddle Hitter
18Untitled design-3Tessa Scheer2026NEOpposite Hitter
19Untitled design-3Dani Turcinec2025WALibero/DS
20Untitled design-3Olivia Curry2026OHOpposite Hitter
21Ava Kincaid2024NMOutside Hitter
22Alexis Warrington2026MIOutside Hitter
23Samantha Greenbaum2024NYLibero/DS
24Nola Duncan2026NJOutside Hitter
25Lily Puritis2024FLOutside Hitter
26Margaret Foote2027WAMiddle Hitter
27Anna Ritter2025OHMiddle Hitter
28Carli Walter2026INOutside Hitter
29Vivian Crumley2026TXOutside Hitter
30Khanzas Tuisamatatele2026HIOutside Hitter
31Allison Wright2026WAMiddle Hitter
32Gracie Clary2026WIOutside Hitter
33Riley Sawyer2026NHOpposite Hitter
34Ava Schewe2025NYOutside Hitter
35Madison Liimatainen2025MAOutside Hitter
36Ashlynn Sweet2025MNMiddle Hitter
37Kenzie Wilson2025ALMiddle Hitter
38Evangelina Tarolli2025NYMiddle Hitter
39Makalani Carey2024HIOutside Hitter
40Maddy Conner2027WAOpposite Hitter
41Sarah Rottenberg2025NJMiddle Hitter
42Dayjah Mcfadden2025CAOutside Hitter
43Trishelle Williams2024TXLibero/DS
44Micaela Barraza2024FLLibero/DS
45Jennifer Macca-Barnes2026CTOutside Hitter
46Addison Baglio2025LAOutside Hitter
47Piper Bahr2026MOOutside Hitter
48Peyton Athen2025IASetter
49Jordynn Middleton2026CAMiddle Hitter
50Madelyn Smith2024AROutside Hitter
51Jennavee Jensen2026TXOutside Hitter
52Troy Acevedo2026TXOutside Hitter
53Sarah Hoban2025MAOutside Hitter
54Ella Durant2027MAOutside Hitter
55Sofia Rossi2025ILOutside Hitter
56Hayden Fausze2027MIOutside Hitter
57Hafsa Kalami2025ONSetter
58Reagan Michalski2024OHOutside Hitter
59Gretchen Davila2024VALibero/DS
60Aurora Rosa2027NCOutside Hitter
61Kaedyn Moran2026NCOutside Hitter
62Maya Johnson2027MNOpposite Hitter
63Gabriella Thompson2026WAOutside Hitter
64Samantha Pope2025UTSetter
65Jaelynn Gross2024WAOutside Hitter
66Vizma Erkmanis2027INLibero/DS
67Haiden Morrison2026OHLibero/DS
68Kaylee Snyder2026GAOpposite Hitter
69Sophia Hardie2027GAOutside Hitter
70Chayse Wilson2025TXOutside Hitter
71Cecelia Bryant2025NCLibero/DS
72Emory Freeman2027NCMiddle Hitter
73Shalyn Bell2025NCOutside Hitter
74Skyye Frailey2026MIOutside Hitter
75Skyler Riley2027VAOutside Hitter
76Iva Stoilovich2025NCOutside Hitter
77Rebecca Huddleston2025VAMiddle Hitter
78Carly Martin2027NCSetter
79Jada Anderson2024MOMiddle Hitter
80Rylee Krause2025MOLibero/DS
81Chavvah Powell2027CAOpposite Hitter
82Alana Hendricks2024CAOutside Hitter
83Olivia Zawalick2024CAOutside Hitter
84Parys Taylor2026CAOutside Hitter
85Aurelia Reyes2026CASetter
86Lara Zima2025FLSetter
87Mariyana Cardwell2025FLOpposite Hitter
88Jadyn Hazzard2026NESetter
89Mercedes Davis2024PAMiddle Hitter
90Amanda Busk2025PAOutside Hitter
91Ava Lanzetta2025PAOpposite Hitter
92Lasereon James2027PAOutside Hitter
93Gracie Jacoby2027WASetter
94Addie Cameron2026WAOutside Hitter
95Jayde Hiskey2027UTOpposite Hitter
96Mia Turner2025WAOpposite Hitter
97Kaycee Kirby2025UTOutside Hitter
98Annabelle Fote2026UTSetter
99Kennedy Brown2025MOLibero/DS
100Shylah Pulu-Valdez2025HIMiddle Hitter



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