The Ultimate Guide To College Recruiting


Master The College Recruiting Process

If you are truly serious about playing in college sports, then EXACT's Ultimate Guide To College Recruiting is for you. 

Gain the confidence you need to master the college recruiting process and better prepare yourself for college coach outreach while keeping your efforts streamlined and organized. 

See why thousands of young athletes invest their early athlete careers in EXACT's recruit ready platform. Get your FREE College Recruiting guide! 

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Insights From A Network of College Coaches

When It Comes To The College Recruiting Process, EXACT Sports has been guiding young aspiring college athletes towards their college sports dreams for over 15 years! 

With the largest nationwide network of D1, D2 ,D3 NCAA and NAIA college coaches, EXACT transforms athletes through college exposure, developmental guidance and mental toughness training that makes a young athlete RECRUIT READY!

Topics Include:

Understand The Resources Your Institution Provides

Take some time to fully research and understand what resources are available within your institution. This may include your professors' office hours, going to the writing center, making an appointment with a tutor, checking out different study spaces in the library, and much more. The more familiar with it you feel, the more set up for success you will be.

Annie Deloid Head Volleyball Coach at Union College
Managing a Winning Mindset

One of the most challenging aspects of college sports is managing your mindset. The collegiate athlete must learn to compartmentalize, to know when to ask for help, to learn how to find rest, to see positivity in hard situations, to push themselves when their bodies want to quit, to shut out competing thoughts, and most challengingly to fight their limbic brain. 

Jordan Pickett Assistant Coach At Southwestern University
Overcoming Failure

Success is built upon how we handle failure. We all fail. We will continue to fail. It is a part of learning. It is a part of development. Babies fall hundreds of times before they learn to walk. Children write out “J”s and “r”s backward many times before they learn to spell. Hockey players miss thousands of shots in the process of a make. Yet, many people in the workforce do not handle failure well. They take on success as an identity, not an opportunity. Failure and success are accessories to growth. Growth and progress are the goals. They are the goal of college sports and life. All athletes miss the tackle and lose the race at some point. However, because we are designed to improve, we as athletes go to practice the next day.

Taylor Valentine Assistant Baseball Coach At Centre College

Learn Valuable Recruiting Tips!

  • In-Depth Understanding Of The Recruiting Process 
  • How To Get Started With Your College Recruiting 
  • Best Ways To Communicate With College Coaches
  • Top Tips For Gaining Exposure To College Coaches 
  • The Winning Formula For Email Followups With College Coaches
  • The In's-and-Out's Of College Athlete Scholarships
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Train With College Coaches At EXACT's  National Showcase Camp

EXACT Sports Soccer Boys Camps and Volleyball Girls Camps

EXACT’s College Network 

When it comes to choosing a college ID camp, you want to make sure that you’re choosing a showcase camp that offers you access to a large network of NCAA and NAIA coaches. EXACT does exactly that, opening you to a large pool of experienced college coaches from across hundreds of colleges.

One-on-One College Evaluations

How do you improve without feedback? At EXACT college showcase camps, all our coaches are seasoned professionals who understand that each player is distinct and uniquely gifted. As such, we give individual feedback that prepares you for the next level of your athlete journey.

College Training Sessions

At EXACT, our training sessions simulate college practice sessions and games. They are also handled by experienced D1, D2, and D3 college coaches. That way, you’re best prepared for college sports and are sure to settle in seamlessly when accepted into college.

Kickstart Recruiting

At EXACT, we understand that you’re in a college ID camp because you someday want to be on a college team. So, we bring in college coaches who have handled collegiate sports recruitment time and time again. These coaches give you an insight into how college recruitment really works in person at the EXACT college showcase camp. With insider information at your fingertips, you stand a better chance of being recruited to the right college for you.

College ID camps impact your sports career one way or the other. This is why at EXACT, we do our best to offer the best of both worlds—ensuring we have a rich network of coaches from various colleges and teams while ensuring that every student player gets as much feedback and training as is needed for growth. Claim your spot on EXACT's elite roster and be recruit ready!

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