Fill in the below form to set up your partnership account with EXACT.  This alliance gives your entire a community a variety of BENEFITS (listed below) for a GREAT camp experience (also see below).  For instance, every family can receive a significant discount as a loyalty partner member, typically $50.00 or 10% reduction off tuition. 

As a top sports destination within your community, EXACT would like to partner with you to Provide Your athletes  & Families Access to Exclusive Partner Discounts & Resources.

  • Access our massive network of  1000+ college coaches (EXACT is #2 employer, after NCAA)
  • Give your families a significant $ discount to EXACT programs
  • Select right dates  that give your members maximum benefit
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    Your staff can attend our college coach networking/summer outing ($25/person fee is waived)

Benefits to Your community's Members

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    Intensive training, tournament gameplay, educational seminars, and more designed to prepare players for college soccer.
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    Multiple college coaches from the best academic & athletic college soccer programs in the USA.
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    Players get exposure to all colleges in attendance during gameplay & training. Personal interaction is emphasized.
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    Mental performance seminars train you on goal-setting, leadership, and keys to success at the highest levels.
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    Learn how to get recruited. Whether just starting or in advanced stages, we help prepare a game-plan to achieve goals.
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    All training sessions and games are led by college coaches, so you can experience a fun college atmosphere.
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    Meet 1-on-1 for with a college coach for an evaluation so you understand your strengths and areas for improvement. 
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    Join An Elite Group: Over 70% of past EXACT campers have gone on to play collegiate athletics.

About EXACT Sports

EXACT is the number one mental training partner for colleges (NCAA, NAIA, JUCO) in the world. Because of that, EXACT has a really tight relationship with thousands of college coaches that each want to instruct and evaluate players at our Showcase ID camps. 

EXACT is the only ID & training camp program that is also funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the NCAA to conduct research on the development of youth and team factors of performance. Beyond colleges, EXACT has been the behavioral training partner for professional hockey (since 2007) and professional baseball (since 2010). Our mission is to use the behavioral/mental aspects of human performance to improve the success of youth athletes in the game, in the classroom, and in life. Our term for this is to help athletes GoMental!

Here are some quick tidbits about EXACT that might help explain how we support athletes & the families:

  • 70.2% of EXACT campers go on to play college sports
  • Expert behavioral/cognitive sports consultants for US Soccer, Pro Baseball, Pro Hockey & many NCAA colleges
  • Recipient of over $1MM in research funding from National Institutes of Health to prevent negative outcomes in at-risk youth
  • Selected by the NCAA as recipients of innovation funding on team dynamic research
  • Founded 20 years ago on science by PhDs with both practical & theoretical experience
  • Our camp is the highest endorsed camp program in the nation -- 98% of families recommend EXACT