Instructions for Virtual Campers to Make an E-Pitch Introduction. Looking for instructions on creating your game highlight videos?

Prepare Your Personal Intro

To help coaches get to know you (in addition to your Roster Data), you'll prepare a video-based personal introduction, which we call an “elevator pitch”.  It can be used anywhere you’d benefit from a short 15 second intro.  This is a great way to introduce yourself to a future coach!  The elevator introduction is a quick method to verbally allow another person to meet you AND a great way to show your maturity and positive attitude.  In addition, you’ll upload playing/profile pictures so coaches can know who you are.

How to Make Your E-Pitch

1. Write Your Own Personal E-Pitch: Customize the below suggested content

Hi coach! My name is your full name and I graduate high school in grad year. I play position for team/group in City, State. In addition to playing, I also enjoy other activitie(s). In school, I enjoy school activities. Thanks for taking the time to share training guidance and review my skill needs.

2. Record Your E-Pitch

Using your phone’s camera, record the video of you saying the introduction you wrote up in step 1.  Try to find a quiet place that you can record you who are.  Make sure you are giving good eye contact, speaking clearly.

3. Upload Your E-Pitch

You'll upload your video introduction at