Virtual Sports Camp Platform

Help Athletes During COVID-19

With the Virtual Sports Camp Platform, easily host 200+ campers in training & feedback. NCAA & NAIA college coaches are eligible to host summer camps (June-August 2020) through this platform.

Features of the Virtual Sports Camp Platform

Create Video Training for Campers

Provide your campers with a private digital 'coaching room' to watch your exclusive, pre-recorded content.  Athletes log in to watch your instructional video guidance and the system records 'attendance' to encourage the camper & family to complete the sessions.

Observe & Guide Campers

From the comfort of your own home/office, watch your campers footage of competition or training and give the individual camper guidance on development opportunities and other relevant feedback.  Campers can provide pre-recorded video (e.g. from their last high school season) or can record a technical/tactical skills  video for your staff to review and provide guidance.

Provide Valuable Feedback to Campers

Through a quick form, you can review the camper's training and provide feedback on their next steps toward improvement.

Tactical Video Session Guidance

We'll support you in preparing your tactical lesson plans for camp.   Depending on the length of your camp, you should include one or more video sessions to help educate the campers on tactical and technical skill development. Use your expertise to help athletes develop their potential!

Sports Psych Training Content

Included (at no charge) you can use all of our mental training materials for your campers.  This bonus content will provide your camp attendees a full development experience that combines your technical expertise along with sports resilience training.

Promote Your Camp for Max Enrollment

Our support team is dedicated to helping you maximize your camp attendance so that you can help more youth athletes in their development AND help you grow your funding through camp fees.  Our staff has experience in inbound marketing as well as CPM marketing to ensure you achieve your goals.

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Start Your Own Virtual Camp

Use the Virtual Sports Camp Platform to launch your summer camps, collecting registrations, and train & educate your campers - VIRTUALLY

Camp / clinics are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender)  NCAA D1 Bylaw