Weather Policy

Our goal is to provide a safe, positive training experience for athletes. As weather situations arise, EXACT does its best to adjust the timing of activities and, where possible, find alternate venues for hosting the program. In our approach, we have successfully hosted 99% of events without the need to make any weather adjustments. To check the status of upcoming event weather, please call 888-853-8877 and then press 2 (for current camper), then 7 (for weather / facility alerts).

Should we notify you that event was cancelled due to weather, you can choose from one of the following, great options:

  1. Full, 100% cash CREDIT that can be used for any EXACT program (over 100+ hosted nationally), any time over the next 12 months, or
  2. 50%, cash REFUND back to your credit card, or
  3. if you select NQA insurance during enrollment, you can get 100% cash REFUND.

Please let us know if you have any concerns as our goal is to be as family-friendly as possible, without harming the future experience of players or the coaching staff. We understand that in planning to attend one of our events, you are committing significant energy & financial resources toward your development.  Please note too, that EXACT invests significantly in the program through up front facility costs, coach travel (flights, car, lodging), staff stipends, material costs and event program costs.

The approach of this policy is to give you peace of mind — knowing that (a) EXACT is always keeping an eye on the weather and selecting facilities / making updates as needed, and (b) should severe weather hit, you are covered with multiple choices for what best fits your family’s needs, whether it be credit or refund.

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How College Exposure Really Works

Getting exposure to colleges is not a 1-time thing. In fact, the vast majority of colleges will evaluate and meet a player multiple times over the course of the recruiting process. This is why we encourage players to attend multiple events. Playing ability is only part of the equation. A player's character, personality and cultural fit are also vital parts of the equation. We emphasize personal interaction at our events so players can start the relationship building process, and be evaluated in a competitive environment, all at one event.