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Empowering young athletes

EXACT’s youth development approach: get active, technical skills, positive attitude, and teamwork & sportsmanship

building lifelong skills

We strive to increase motivation, confidence, leadership, & mental toughness of youth athletes

Helping Youth Athletes Reach Their Full Potential

We guide athletes through structured curriculum to enhance their skills and develop self-confidence

The EXACT Approach to Fun in Youth Sports Education Includes

Age-appropriate, structured curriculum

Instruction tailored to the age and skill level of the participants

Multiple Sports

Variety of sports and camp/class formats

Youth athletes ages 3-14

Help build athletes’ skills and fundamentals that carry over to all other aspects of their lives

Every season

Programs in fall, winter, spring & summer

Primary Mission to Have Fun!

We share our love for sports with the future stars

 Community. empowerment. Fun.

 positively impacting today's  Youth athletes

Lisa Harwardt

Director of Youth Sports Program

Email: [email protected]