Example Camp Schedule

This is a guideline. Final camp timing is shared on the registered camper’s Camp Dashboard.




Camp Start

Paperless Check-In & Temp Checks

Arrive and check-in for camp. Receive your ID #
(jersey) for easy identification by college coaches
throughout camp.

3 Hours

Dynamic Mobility Warm-Ups

Prime mentally and physically for camp to start
with college-led dynamic warm-ups to get you
ready to perform your best.

Rotation 1: College Showcase Games

College coaches lead campers in guided
gameplay while participants showcase skills during 100% digitally filmed games.

GKs rotate between gameplay and
position-specific training with college GK coach.

Rotation 2: Developmental Scouting Session

Learn advanced college-coach techniques for
evaluating opponent gameplay to improve your
own potential for NCAA & NAIA soccer.

1 Hour

Player Lunch Break

Time to relax, recoup and re-energize! BYO

3 Hours

Afternoon College Showcase Games

College showcase gameplay with digital filming
available to both the attending college coaches & EXACT’s 1000+ college coach network.

After Camp

Digital Video Distribution & Evaluation

After camp ends, receive full access to 100% of
digitally filmed gameplay, get access to listing of
coaches receiving access & receive personalized
assessment on potential.