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Athlete Performance Manual Volleyball and Basketball Drills By College Coaches

Insights From A Network of College Coaches

When It Comes To Advanced Athlete Training, EXACT Sports has been guiding young aspiring college athletes towards their perfect mental game for over 15 years! 

With the largest nationwide network of D1, D2 ,D3 NCAA and NAIA college coaches, EXACT transforms athletes through college exposure, developmental guidance and mental toughness training that makes a young athlete RECRUIT READY!

Topics Include:

Pressuring Drills

Here is a 2v2 +2 drill that enables players to understand the concepts of pressing and covering with plenty of opportunities for repetition. Regular transitions will also introduce the principle of delaying and the idea of recovery runs.

Place to mini goals at each end of the area. Players are split into teams of two, with one team acting as neutrals. The two neutral players position themselves one at each end, between the mini goals. The other two pairs play 2v2 in the middle of the area, and can only score by receiving a pass back from one of the neutral players. Play first to two goals, the winning team stays on and the losing team switch with the neutral players.

Jamie Franks Head Men's Soccer Coach For University of Denver
Pass Tag 

The drill begins with 10 people. Designate 2 people to be on offense.The offense can not dribble or run with the ball. The defense can move anywhere on the court. The offense must try to tag a defensive player. The goal of the defense is to avoid being tagged. If a player is tagged, he/she switches to white and joins the offense. The game continues until all players have been tagged.

Bruce Capers Head Basketball Coach Gordon State College
Cross Court Pepper
Position two players on either side of the net. The four players should be aligned to make a large square, all being aligned with one another. The two players are caddy-cornered and will work together. Players on opposite sides will start with the ball. The players will first hit the ball to their teammate. The teammate will pass the ball to themself, set to them self, then hit the ball back to their teammate. Repeat this process for the predetermined time.  
Jordan Pickett Assistant Coach At Southwestern University

Practice Top Training Skills!

  • In-Depth Understanding Of College Style Training 
  • Best Warmups To increase Your Speed 
  • Top Exercises To Sustain Your Performance 
  • Training Tips That College Coaches Use For Their Teams 
  • increase Your Flexibility With Advanced Warmups
  • The In's-and-Out's Of On-Field/On-Court  College Training
Top Soccer and Volleyball Warmups In the Athlete Performance Manual Written By EXACT Sports
Baseball Drills and Exercises in the Athlete Performance Manual Written By EXACT Sports

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College ID camps impact your sports career one way or the other. This is why at EXACT, we do our best to offer the best of both worlds—ensuring we have a rich network of coaches from various colleges and teams while ensuring that every student player gets as much feedback and training as is needed for growth. Claim your spot on EXACT's elite roster and be recruit ready!

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