The Importance Of Positive Self-Talk In Sports

Young athlete practicing positive self talk in sports

A young athlete experiencing the benefits of using positive self talk in her mental toughness training What Is Positive Self Talk?Positive self-talk is a great way for athletes to combat any negative self-talk that can occur before/during/or after a game. It’s … Continued

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Best Game Day Nutrition Tips For Athletes

The Importance Of Good Game Day Nutrition Athletic Skills and advanced training are essential for aspiring college athletes. However, another factor that has a massive impact on an athlete’s performance is optimal nutrition. No matter what sport you play, you … Continued

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College Coach Tip of the Week: Maintaining Contact

Derek Faulkner from Oregon State University reinforces the importance of positivity and maintaining in close contact with coaches.What Coach Faulkner Says About Maintaining Contact (Full Transcript)”I’m Derek Faulkner, assistant Men’s coach at Oregon State University and my recruiting tip would … Continued

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