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JULY 1st, 2019

West Coast Girls Academic 50 ID camp

EXACT Academic 50 ID Camp gives athletes personal interaction & exposure to 50+ college coaches from top academic NCAA programs



Jul 01 - Jul 03

8th - 12th grade athletes



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Unfortunately, the West Coast Girls Academic 50 ID camp is sold out. We have started a preferred waiting list for athletes who want to attend. When you join the preferred waiting list, you will automatically be added to the camp's roster if a spot opens up. If no spots open up before camp, then you will be issued a full refund (48 hours before the start of camp).

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Event Overview


Confirmed College Coaches


Goalkeeper Training


Goalkeeper ID Camp + Video Program




Rated #1 College Training Camp


Event Schedule


Travel & Accommodations



Event Overview

EXACT's ID Camp prepares athletes for the next level through a focus on four pillars:

Guaranteed Exposure

Ever wonder if college coaches are watching you play? We cut out the guessing game. Meet with college coaches from the moment you arrive. EXACT attracts coaches from the top programs in the USA, making this the best way to get on the college radar.

Intensive Training

Put yourself to the test in a competitive environment. College coaches coach you during training and gameplay. See how you stack up with a 1-on-1 college evaluation.

The Mental Edge

EXACT works with hundreds of pro and college teams on the mental side of the game. A winning mentality is essential for your future success. Get our toolkit and unlock your mental edge.

College Recruitment Education

Is the college recruiting process designed to be confusing? Maybe. Whether you are just starting or in the advanced stages, our education seminars guide you on the process from start to finish. Parents will want to make sure to stick around for this one.

What else you'll get


Digital Game Footage


Online Evaluation &


Performance T-Shirt


Access to All
Coaches Attending

College Coaches Confirmed

Coaches listed below are confirmed to participate in camp.


50 Coaches Guaranteed

Oregon | Division 1

Manny Martins

Washington State | Division 1

Jess Greer

Iowa | Division 1

Drago Ceranic

Clemson | Division 1

Miles Maynard

Florida | Division 1

John Roman

Pittsburgh | Division 1

Riley Butler

Cornell | Division 1

Dwight Hornibrook

Cal State Long Beach | Division 1

Joe Sudyka

Cal State - Northridge | Division 1

Mike Davis

Cal State-Bakersfield | Division 1

Stephen Jenkins

Cal-Santa Barbara | Division 1

Mario Felix

Grand Canyon | Division 1

Derek Leader

Air Force | Division 1

Brian Bronowski

Richmond | Division 1

Brandon Denoyer

Pomona-Pitzer | Division 3

Michael O'Connor

Cal Tech | Division 3

Ellery Gould

Occidental | Division 3

Jaime Acuna

Emory | Division 3

Mike Wentzler

Carnegie Mellon | Division 3

Chris Moraga

New York University | Division 3

Scott Waddell

La Verne | Division 3

Delanie Pacheco

Cal Poly Pomona | Division 2

Katie Smith

Azusa Pacific | Division 2

Brooke Lincoln

Redlands | Division 3

Breann Nelson

Cal State-Los Angeles | Division 2

Adriana Valdez

Cal State-Dominguez Hills | Division 2

Marine Cano

Fresno Pacific | Division 2

Rob Podeyn

CO School of Mines | Division 2

Hank Lewis

Texas Woman's | Division 2

Babak Abouzar

Knox | Division 3

Taylor Houck

Piedmont | Division 3

Timmy McCormack

Alderson-Broaddus | Division 2

Shaun Soderling

Hope Int'l (CA) | NAIA

Brent Reis

Westcliff | NAIA

Stephen Campos

Saddleback | Junior College

Daniel Pask

Soka University | NAIA

Wendy Espejel

Arizona Christian | NAIA

Josh Gibbs

Benedictine Mesa | NAIA

Tim Marchisotto

Benedictine Mesa | NAIA

Javier Almonte

Johnson & Wales (CO) | Division D3

Andy Kohel

Illinois Tech | NAIA

Roshane Ellison

exact | Division 1

Daniel Palmer

Cal State - San Bernardino | Division 2

LeBaron Hollimon

Cal Lutheran | Division 3

Frank Marino

Fresno Pacific | Division 2

Joel Robinson

Vanguard | NAIA

Lauren Walker

Marymount California | NAIA

Stephen Merriwether

College of The Desert | Junior College

Garrett Estrin

Video Available

Due to NCAA rules, video will be available to you for review, use and share with any coaches. ( icon next to their school logo).

More Coaches Coming Soon!

Soccer Showcase

The website will be updated weekly with new attendees, the event will feature multiple confirmed college coaches. EXACT has the largest college network in the country, as over 1,000 college coaches from top DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA programs around the country have participated in EXACT's events. Our goal is to give athletes maximum exposure to a broad range of collegiate programs.

50 Coaches Guaranteed

Our "Academic 50" ID Camp is an intensive 3-day non-residential college training camp for rising 8th – 12th graders. The event is geared toward high-achieving student-athletes (3.0+) looking to play college soccer at a strong academic school. As the name "Academic 50" suggests, the camp will feature a coaching staff of 50 college coaches from top academic college programs all over the country.

Over the course of the three days:

Players are equipped with the skills and resources needed, on and off the field, to achieve success on the next level. Personal interaction with college coaches is emphasized from start to finish. Players work with college coaches in training and gameplay, as well as in small group workshops off the field, and they'll even spend time interacting informally during lunch.

Players also learn from EXACT's mental training curriculum to develop the mental approach needed for the next level. Off the field, players will participate in sessions on the college recruiting process to learn how the recruiting process works and how to get themselves recruited.

Each player receives a one-on-one evaluation from a college coach at the conclusion of camp, as well as a personal Development Plan to continue growth after camp. Overall, this event is a really great opportunity to build relationships with a ton of coaches, develop your skills as a player, and understand what it is going to take to play at that higher level.

Goalkeeper Training

EXACT partners with college goalkeeper coaches to prioritize a premium experience for goalkeepers.


College Goalkeeper Training


All GKs participate in individual keeper-specific training led by college GK coaches


Training focuses on all GK skills including footwork, shot stopping, crossing, and more; GKs receive a 1-on-1 evaluation based on their performance


In addition position-specific work, GKs also face live action observed by all college coaches

Goalkeeper ID Camp + Video Program

EXACT partners with college GK coaches to provide a customized experience for keepers.

The Goalkeeper Experience Includes:


A Goalkeeper Showcase- all 50+ college coaches in attendance observe a showcase exclusively for GKs


Multiple private position-specific training sessions with a team of college coaches


A keeper-specific session on the recruiting process to cover unique aspects of the position


Live-action in tournament gameplay, observed by all college coaches

Goalkeeper Video Program (Optional):


Add a professionally filmed and edited video to your camp experience


Highlights are captured during workouts at camp and edited to show you at your best


Your video will be edited after camp and delivered on a personalized Highlight Video webpage


Pre-order your Goalkeeper Video during registration for 195 (35% savings)


See what people are saying about EXACT!

Review by Jinine  Pegoraro

Jinine Pegoraro


Jinine Pegoraro



I was impressed with the overall flow and their ability to adapt to adverse scheduling conflicts from the facility. This is a great opportunity for my daughter to see beyond the club and school soccer, and the annoying reminding from us. It helps keep her motivated and going in the direction she wants to go with this sport. We'll definitely return to future camps. I as a parent was able to network with parents of older girls as well which helps me greatly in the posit of my daughters goals.

Review by Kathryn Marker

Kathryn Marker


Kathryn Marker



EXACT offers a great experience that blends on field training in a college atmosphere with off field soft skills needed to help become a better candidate for recruitment. The coaches provide excellent, real world feedback to parents and athletes on what and what not to do. Overall its a great experience that provides insight that will serve the players and the parents well during the recruiting period.

Review by Sophia Restrepo

Sophia Restrepo


Sophia Restrepo



I loved the environment of the EXACT camp. It's so different from other camps because it takes into account the mental aspect of the game instead of just the physical aspect. The environment was friendly and welcome, and this camp gave me a giant boost of confidence whether for striking up a conversation with a college coach or just on the field. It was very informative and I feel like I'm on the right track for being recruited at a college that is the right fit for me. Thank you!

Review by Tina Hansen

Tina Hansen


Tina Hansen



My daughter had a great time. The coaches were professional and very approachable. The question and answer panel with the coaches was informative. There was more interaction between the players and coaches than I expected from attending other "camps". The coaches really made an effort to be available when not on the field. I would highly recommend this experience to others. Soccer players can never get enough exposure for a reasonable price, nor can they gain enough experience playing with girls that are unknown to them.

Review by Avery Robinson

Avery Robinson


Avery Robinson



EXACT is a very good way to promote yourself if you are wanting to play at the next level. The most inspiring thing about EXACT is that they want everyone to believe in themselves, which goes a long way when you are trying to be your best.

The camp was very well run, and it is essential that everyone try to go to at least one EXACT camp while they still have the opportunity.

Review by Jordan Boulton

Jordan Boulton


Jordan Boulton



I loved that I was able to communicate and work with a variety of different coaches. It was an eye opening experience and I was surprised how sociable I was with the other girls at the camp, because I am usually shy and don't want to talk to people. Thank you and two thumbs up to you for getting me out of my shell.

Review by Valya Janerico

Valya Janerico


Valya Janerico



I was very satisfied with the program and how it was run. Being new to these types of experiences and camps, I was happy to see how the staff was kind and helpful to all the athletes. I know that in the future if an opportunity like this swings around the corner I will have no trouble snatching it. I had an amazing time at this camp and hope it happens again. Thank you to all for hosting it. Also having celebrity's host a camp like this one makes it very special to a lot of the athletes.

Review by Harlie Ford

Harlie Ford


Harlie Ford



The staff, the players, and the coaches that were apart of this camp were such genuine and caring people that I really felt welcome when I stepped on the field. Also, it was just a really fun experience where I had the chance to interact with fellow soccer lovers and I learned so much. I have to give it 10 out of 10 soccer balls.

This is one of the first times I've had the opportunity to interact so closely with college coaches and it really opened up my eyes not only to the opportunities that are available to me, but also the personalities of these coaches. They truly care about the improvement and development of their players and it's so wonderful spending time with such professional and involved people.

Review by Olivia Ott

Olivia Ott


Olivia Ott



I really appreciated the atmosphere that EXACT Sports Elite Camp provided. Everyone was included in any drill or game we were doing. It was an awesome experience to meet girls I've never seen before early in the morning, practice drills and techniques with them, and play with them/against them later in the same day. It is very different than practicing with the same team every day, every year. It was an experience to go out on a field with complete strangers and interact with them on the field. I also loved the number of college coaches who were at the camp. Especially at my young age, I haven't yet focused on one or two schools yet, so having a wide variety coaches from different schools and levels was exactly what I needed and was looking for.

Review by Teyah Lindo

Teyah Lindo


Teyah Lindo



The EXACT Camp was really informative and challenging. The coaches were very honest and gave me some really good information and tips, which I really enjoyed it.

Overall, it was an excellent camp experience, wish I lived in America to visit more ID camps, coaches gave me much more coaching and training then my own coaches, so it was good to see that I can pick it up a bit to improve my overall performances. I have gone MENTALLLLL!!!!!!!

Rated #1 College Training Camp

Learn why EXACT Sports is the most trusted and top-rated training camp


Largest college coaching staff of any organization -- camp, tournament or club (bringing in 1000 amazing college coaches every year)!


Hugely successful supporters of high school athletes -- 70.2% of participants have gone on to play NCAA or NAIA college athletics.


Only training camp organization that has received funding from the NCAA.


Official behavioral training partner of US Soccer.


The only camp staff that has expertise in developing athletes from high school to college to pro (we also work with over 60 pro teams).


The only exposure organization that blends the 4 pillars of development through our mental training expertise (EXACT is funded by the National Institutes of Health).

Event Schedule

This is a sample schedule. Registered athletes will receive a final schedule prior to camp.

Travel & Accommodations


Book Lodging

Residential (Optional)

Athletes Traveling Alone

If You Drive

If You Fly

Family Members Traveling with Athletes

EXACT's goal is to provide every participant a great camp experience. We know that starts with your travel arrangements. We accommodate a variety of travel options so you can pick what works best for your family, whether that is driving or flying, athlete traveling alone or with a parent, or opting into our residential option or booking your own lodging. Select from the options below for more information.

Traveling far to get to EXACT? Campers have the option to participate in the residential, overnight program. Typically, 20-40% of campers participate in this optional program. Those interested in lodging can add on during registration. Campers stay in EXACT-supervised accommodations with 1-3 fellow participating players. Friendship requests can be made to Included in the EXACT residency option are two nights lodging, dinners, breakfasts and shuttle between the camp game fields and the overnight accommodations (plus all the fun you can handle!)

Athletes and families are free to book their own lodging accommodations. If you would like to stay at our recommended hotel, we often organize a discounted rate (Click Here). Family members are welcome to observe & participate at camp. We have a few sessions designed for family participation including the parent workshop and the recruiting panel However, it is totally optional -- only person that should be there is the athlete!

Traveling far to get to EXACT? Campers have the option to participate in the residential, overnight program. Typically, 20-40% of campers participate in this optional program. Those interested in lodging can add on during registration. Campers stay in EXACT-supervised accommodations with 1-3 fellow participating players. Friendship requests can be made after enrollment. Included in the EXACT residency option are two nights lodging, dinners, breakfasts and shuttle between the camp facility and the overnight accommodations (plus all the fun you can handle!).


View in Google Map

In addition to a GPS location, we provide specific directions to all participants in pre-camp materials so you know exactly where to go and when to be there!

The following airport options are most convenient for the event location:

KSAN - San Diego International Airport: About 109 miles from facility.
KONT - Ontario International Airport: About 10 miles from facility.
KLAX - Los Angeles International Airport: About 62 miles from facility.

If family member(s) would like to stay at our recommended hotel, we often organize a discounted rate (Click Here). Family members are welcome to observe & participate at camp. We have a few sessions designed for family participation including the parent workshop and the recruiting panel However, it is totally optional -- only person that should be there is the athlete!

Players are welcome to travel to the EXACT camp without an accompanying family member. Players have the option to take our airport transit from the recommended airports listed above. This transit will take the athlete from airport to camp (and back to airport after camp ends). Try to book your flight to arrive at airport by 11am and departing flight after 8pm. If you need take earlier/later flights, just let us know -- we always accommodate!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EXACT's COVID-19 Safety Plan? (Summer 2022)

EXACT will be monitoring the COVID-19 situation leading up to Summer 2022. After successfully running a full slate of soccer camps in Summer, Fall and Winter 2021 with no reported COVID-19 transmission, EXACT has proven strategies for operating events in a safe way. Athlete and coach safety will continue to be our top priority.

Is Residential Available? (Summer 2022 - Updated!)

We are happy to be able to offer campers the option to participate in the residential, overnight program this summer. Typically, 20-40% of campers participate in this optional program. Those interested in lodging can add on from their Camp Dashboard (after registration). Campers stay in EXACT-supervised and can choose a single room or double room. Friendship requests can be made to

Included in the EXACT residency option are two nights lodging, dinners, breakfasts and shuttle between the camp game fields and the overnight accommodations.

When will confirmed coaches be announced?

College coaches attending camp are listed under the "College Coaches Confirmed" section of this page (above). All coaches listed there have been confirmed by EXACT staff to attend camp. We add new confirmations to the list on a weekly basis.

EXACT has the largest college network in the country, as over 1,000 college coaches from top DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA programs around the country have participated in EXACT’s events. Our goal is to give athletes maximum exposure to a broad range of college soccer options, including the best academic and athletic college programs in the country.

In addition to the coaches attending this camp, coaches from EXACT’s entire college network will have access to game footage collected from this event.

Are all college coaches listed on the confirmed staff actually going to be there?

Yes - EXACT Sports hires all coaches to be on the field instructing and evaluating athletes throughout camp. All coaches listed in the Confirmed College Coaches section are confirmed to participate, instruct, evaluate and get to personally know the players. You will have the opportunity to interface directly with the coaches in attendance.

Will players have an opportunity to get feedback from college coaches on the coaching staff?

YES! Players begin interacting with college coaches from the moment they arrive at camp. Building personal relationships between players and college coaches is our specialty. One-on-one interaction is emphasized, as college coaches lead all training and game sessions. There is opportunity for feedback during training sessions, gameplay, lunch, and post camp. Each player will also meet 1-on-1 with a college coach for a formal evaluation at the conclusion of camp.

How do I get access to digital video packages?

EXACT uses 4k smart cameras from Veo to capture all gameplay at camp. The cameras are elevated to ensure high-quality footage is captured. All video from camp is accessible to EXACT's College Network of 300+ college coaches.

Digital Video Packages can be added to your camp experience after registration (from your Camp Dashboard). EXACT is offering upgrade options for athletes as follows.

Access to All Raw Footage

Athletes can gain access to all game footage captured at camp. This video can be edited, used, or shared however you like.

Professionally Edited Highlight Video

In addition to raw footage access, EXACT can have a professional highlight video made based on your video clips from camp. This video will include your information and will feature professional editing to make it clear who you are. Your highlight video will be shared on a personalized highlight video webpage, making it super easy to share with college coaches. You will be able to view a sample before purchasing (on your Camp Dashboard).

Registered athletes will receive instructions (via email) for adding these upgraded video options.

Are meals provided at a residential camp?

For players who opt-in for the residential option, EXACT provides all meals starting with dinner on Day 1 and ending with lunch on Day 3. Lunch is provided for all campers on Day 2 & 3. Snacks and drinks are provided for all campers on all three days. All players are encouraged to bring additional snacks as needed and a water bottle.

Is there training for Goalkeepers? (Academic 50 Soccer)

Yes – the EXACT Academic 50 ID Camp has a special goalkeeper specific curriculum. The coaching staff always includes college goalkeeper coaches. In addition to gameplay, goalkeepers will participate in keeper-specific training sessions designed and led by college goalkeeper coaches, a keeper-specific recruiting panel, and a skills showcase observed by all 50+ college coaches in attendance. Finally, goalkeepers will have the option of adding a Goalkeeper Highlight Video to their registration (option available during registration). GK Training will start earlier than field player training on day 1 at 10am! Please be prepared to check-in at 10am on day 1 of camp.

Is there a trainer on-site at camp?

Yes – there is an Athletic Trainer on-site during all gameplay & training. Your well-being is a priority!

What do players need to bring to camp?

Soccer equipment to bring includes soccer clothes, cleats, shin guards, ball, water bottle, socks, goalkeeper gloves*, and GYM SHOES/FLATS.

Can parents watch?

While parents are traditionally welcomed to attend and observe all portions of EXACT's camps, we have to prioritize the safety of athletes and coaches. We are doing our best to give parents an avenue to watch while maintaining control of group sizes. During COVID-19, what is allowed will depend on the location, state restrictions and venue policies. We will do our best to find a safe option for allowing viewership while prioritizing the safety of athletes and coaches. Additionally, EXACT continues to be the only camp provider to offer digital interaction through our Camp Dashboard, which is accessible to parents, as well as options to access camp video.

What is EXACT's Cancellation Policy?

Because our camps have a limited capacity, we cannot offer refunds to campers who cancel for any reason. However, during registration you may purchase "No Questions Asked" (NQA) cancellation insurance that will allow you to receive a refund in the event that you are unable to attend the camp.

For those that do not purchase NQA cancellation insurance, we are only able to offer you a transfer of your registration fee less a credit transfer fee to cover EXACT's incurred event costs. Transfer fee is 20% (when notified 14+ days out) or 35% (when notified 1-14 days out from camp). The credit will be stored on your email address and can be applied to any open EXACT camp within 12 months. There is no credit provided to no-shows at the camp, so please notify us early!

If you are already registered and need to cancel, please go to Click here to learn about our acts of god policy. For additional information email

NCAA Compliance

Yes, EXACT takes great care in ensuring compliance with NCAA rules, as college coaches are interacting and training with players on the field. In accordance with NCAA rules, EXACT camps are open to any and all that would like to attend, but may limit attendance based on several factors, such as age, number and grade level. however, camp attendance at EXACT is never restricted by a camper's skill level or competitive experience.

More information on NCAA compliance can be found here:

Open Enrollment Camp (NCAA)

Yes, all EXACT events are open enrollment, complying with NCAA bylaws, allowing any and all athletes to participate.  To read more about EXACT's approach to NCAA compliance and how we manage a positive training experience, click here:



My question is not covered here. Is there someone I can speak to at EXACT Sports?

Yes, the best way to reach us is to email us at We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days (but it is usually much quicker!).

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